A Master Bedroom can be a quiet escape for the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

The master bedroom can be a haven of peaceful rest and quiet.  Yet too often it is a cluttered room with no real design inspiration, random colors and patterns and a by product of our hectic lives.  With limited storage space clothes get tossed here and there.  Blankets are drug in and out from the wondering child looking to cuddle at night or watch cartoons in the morning.  The TV is a central point at the foot of the bed instead of a gorgeous painting or piece of art.  Laptops and cords are on the floor by the bed from the allnighter you pulled to meet a deadline and the linens have not been updated since Aunt Mae gave them as a wedding gift in 1991.  Combine all of these elements and you get a room that leaves you feeling harried rather than rested.

If you are longing for the deep rest that comes from a night at a five star resort there is hope.  Your master bedroom is capable of a transformation that will leave you speechless by follownig these simple tips:

  1. Change your comforter set.  This is such an easy and quick fix that many people neglect for years.  Just because you loved that bright floral pattern fifteen years ago does not mean it has staying power for the rest of your life.  By now it is probably faded, scratchy and stained from years of living. If you are on a budget this is a fast and simple step to refreshing your room.  Choose a soothing color pattern that is soft to the touch for a hotel feel.
  2. Up your thread count.  Most people spend at least seven hours in bed every night.  That is close to one third of your day, every day.  There is no sense in doing it uncomfortably.  By purchasing sheets with a higher thread count your body will sleep more comfortably on soft, soothing fabric.  As for the flannels Grandma gave you?  Save them for the cold winter evenings.  Flannel may be warm but it is certainly not luxurious.  I have never been to a resort with flannel sheets…
  3. Get more storage.  This is a big one.  No matter how hard you try to clean if your closets are not big enough to meet the demand of your growing shoe, coat, purse and clothes collection the master bedroom will look like a hurricane hit at least several times per year.  This is not a DIY project and working with a contractor specializing in home remodeling is your best solution.  An expert can analyze your room and identify a structurally sound and creative way to increase your storage.
  4. Choose a soothing paint color for the walls.  The room doesn’t need to be white, although it can if that is your preference.  Often a soothing brown or tan can do the trick.  For those longing for color soothing blues and greens can also work well.  The key is to not have too many colors that compete for attention.  When you are in this room you want to unwind and colors like red and orange have been proven to increase anxiety.
  5. Put the TV away!  Maybe you aren’t ready to give it up entirely but there are options that can take the TV from being the center point to something that is hidden from view until it is time to use it.  A gorgeous armoire can do the trick on a budget.  If you can afford to work with a contractor they can provide more unique design solutions to hide it from view.
  6. Replace the flooring. Wood flooring looks clean and uncluttered.  Plus it is easier to clean up the occasional spill of your morning coffee.
  7. Change the lighting.  There is no room for fluorescent light in the bedroom.  Hire a contractor to install recessed lighting with a dimmer to create a relaxed and inviting environment.
  8. Install a fireplace.  There is nothing more soothing or romantic than the light of a fire.  Lying in bed, reading and watching the fire flames light up the room will instantly put you in a comfortable Zen state.

While the master bedroom is not on display for the world to see it is the room where you spend most of your sleeping hours and go to unwind.  Your sanity is worth a remodel, however large or small.  Focus on your bedroom today because you are worth it and a relaxed, centered person is far more effective than one simply going from chaos to chaos.

~Bethany Wood