Is your home dark and dreary? Is the weather outside gorgeous but you wouldn’t know it? Whether your home doesn’t have enough light or your windows are simply outdated and unattractive now is the perfect time to install new windows into your home and let the light in.

Spring has arrived and with it beautiful, warm weather that you and your family will want to enjoy. There are many new variations of windows that turn what used to be a boring component of your home, into a beautiful show stopper.

Installing new windows is not only a way to add beauty to your home but also a way to save on energy bills. Poorly insulated windows can make the house colder in winter and hotter is summer. The amount you spend replacing windows you will get back in utility savings over time. This worthwhile investment can make your home more comfortable to live in while making it more attractive.

Here are some window ideas you can use:

  1. Skylight. You can add light to rooms throughout your house by installing skylights. People typically think of them for the kitchen but using them in a bathroom, family room, and other living spaces can brighten up your home. They are especially useful if your home is shaded.
  2. Bay windows. Instead of having flat windows, have a bay window installed. It allows you to capture light from multiple directions, enhances views, and can provide the space for a built in window seat. You can add charm and light at the same time.
  3. Circular windows. You can add delightful circular windows to areas of your home that typically wouldn’t have one. This includes long hallways, staircases, pantries and more. They can be as large or small as you like and can be installed alone or in a grouping.
  4. Floor to Ceiling Windows. Whether a modern loft or a brick colonial you can install floor to ceiling windows in your living and family rooms for a dramatic effect.
  5. Curved Windows. Who said windows have to be angular? Install an arched window on top of pre-existing ones for more light and an elegant touch.
  6. Energy Star Certified. Look for this certification to ensure that the new windows you purchase will be energy efficient and save you the most money. The Energy Start certification covers items like U-Factor, Air Leakage, and Solar Heat Gain Coefficient rating. Compare ratings on windows when determining which ones you want to purchase.

New windows can transform the look and feel of your home. Hiring a professional contractor is essential for making sure they are installed properly. Energy efficient windows won’t help if they aren’t sealed correctly. At Cipriani Remodeling Solutions we can make sure that your new windows add elegance, light, and practicality to your home. We do the job right, the first time, so call us today to discuss your home remodeling ideas.