If you are starting a remodeling project and deciding on whether or not to do it yourself, or to hire a professional contractor, you should consider how hiring a contractor will make your project run smoothly.

Hiring a professional will:

  • Save you money in the long run.
  • Ensure quality work.
  • Get the job done faster.
  • Do it right the first time.
  • Provide insurance in case anything goes wrong.
  • Give you time as a family, instead of time with a paint brush.

“Help, it’s ruined!”  I have heard this cry from frantic home owners many times.  After deciding to remodel the house, bathroom, kitchen, or even do a general repair project, they tried to save money by doing it themselves.  Others will often use their cousins buddy “that does electrical work” or ask Grandpa for assistance.  The problem is that while their ideas are positive, and intentions well meaning, home repair and remodeling is not an easy job.  Even the simple replacement of a toilet can lead to additional problems.

As homes age and start to settle issues can arise with plumbing, electrical, the roof, flooring etc. that cannot be seen when everything is in place.  As you open up the walls or remove fixtures, you will often find problems that are beyond the scope of a simple repair.  When this happens home owners are left with gaping holes, leaks, and safety hazards.  Hiring a professional from the beginning can prevent families from being in an emergency, “fix it now” situation which always ends up costing more.

I had a client a few years ago that had a leak in their main floor laundry room ceiling.  They weren’t sure what caused it and decided to have their friend’s friend fix it because he had some home repair experience.  Offering them a “good deal” he opened up the wall in their upstairs bathroom, charged them $1,500 and never came back.  Frustrated they asked a friend in construction to come take a look.  He patched the hole, resealed the toilets, and replaced the flooring. The floor didn’t lay flat and the leak continued.  They then had Bathfitters replace the shower for the tune of $5,000.  This still did not fix the leak.  Throwing their hands up in frustration they hired us to solve the problem once and for all.  After tracking the leak we were able to stop it once and for all, fix the problems caused by “friends”, and give them back their master bath.  Using a professional contractor at the beginning would have saved them thousands of dollars and a lot of frustration.

Professional contractors have been trained and certified in all areas of home construction.  We know how to get the job done right and how to organize and supervise a crew to get the job done on time.  Professional contractors are licensed and bonded, which means if something goes wrong we have insurance in place to cover it.  This gives home owners the confidence that their expectations will be met and home repair problems solved.  At Cipriani Remodeling Solutions we work hard to ensure our clients are satisfied and love the results of our work.  Your home is your castle and together we can make your home the place you have always wanted to live.