Renovating your home is a personal experience.  It’s your home and you want to make sure you are working with someone who will care for your home just as you would.  Trust is a huge factor.

How do you know you can trust your remodeler?

Well, there are lots of ways to know if your remodeler is trustworthy and the last few articles about what constitutes an appropriate estimate are some of the ways to judge.  Another way is to see how much time your remodeler takes to educate you on what you are buying and on how they separate themselves from other contractors.

Among other things, a good remodeler will talk to you about:

  • what to look for when hiring a contractor
  • the process of remodeling
  • the renovation schedule
  • payment plans
  • how they will protect your home
  • insurance requirements (both yours and theirs)
  • contractor qualifications

Remodeling is complicated and not all remodelers are tuned in to the details.  Make sure the one you hire is.


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