For many families the kitchen is the heart of the home.  The kitchen becomes an easy gathering place for drinking coffee, opening a bottle of wine, snacking, cooking meals and simply hanging out.  With the amount of traffic a kitchen normally gets, and hours spent there, updating your kitchen can make it more enjoyable to live in your home.  Many remodels can be for aesthetic purposes, making your home look more beautiful, but a kitchen remodel is something that you will benefit from on a daily basis.  Making things easier to find will save you time when getting the kids out the door to soccer practice.  Prep areas make cooking easier where new appliances can make food taste better.  Money spent on your kitchen is something that pays out every time you use it.

Here are some ideas for updating your kitchen:

  • New Cabinetry.  Replacing your cabinets will have a huge impact on the look and feel of your kitchen.  It also gives you the opportunity to have cabinets installed that fit your lifestyle.  For example if you cook with a lot of spices, specific spice cupboards can be installed.  If you use a large blender a cabinet can be installed that fits it perfectly so that it is no longer on the counter.  This is the time to carefully think about how you cook and what tools you use in your kitchen.  Have the cabinets designed around your needs.
  • Prep Sink.  If you like to cook as a team have a prep sink installed in a center island.  This creates a secondary work space so that cooks can spend time together without fighting for space.  It is also more sanitary as you can be working with meat in one area and vegetables in another.
  • Counters.  You can have the counter tops replaced even if you keep the existing cabinetry and kitchen layout.  Granite can be laid directly onto laminate, updating your kitchen in a single day.
  • Butcher Block Island.  If you want to make cooking easier and faster consider installing a butcher block counter on your center island.  Place food directly on the surface to prepare and clean when done.  It will save you time from searching for a cutting board.
  • Wine Fridge.  Wine lovers will enjoy having an under the counter wine fridge built into their kitchen.  This will keep wine bottles perfectly chilled while freeing up much needed space in the main refrigerator.
  • Seating.  If your family is spending more time in the kitchen than the family room have special seating options installed.  You can utilize the center island by making it the perfect height for bar stools.  You can also turn a nook into a built in eating area with a table and bench seating.  This way the family can spend time with the cook without running into the cook.
  • Appliances.  Replacing your existing appliances is a fantastic way to give your kitchen an updated look while also making your kitchen more user friendly.  If you want to improve the look of your appliances without purchasing new ones you can buy magnetic covers for a fresh look.

Remodeling your kitchen is well worth it.  This room is one of the most used in the entire home and making it easier to navigate with save you time and frustration down the road.