Remodeling your home to add square footage is the most effective way to increase the space in your home.  By hiring a professional contractor to create an addition, build a room over the garage, or a complete home renovation can lead to dramatic results.  The challenge is cost.  Not every home owner can afford to take on a remodel of that scale.  With that in mind there are several, easy solutions to making your home feel larger.


Here are some Cipriani solutions for making your rooms appear larger:


Storage.  Cluttered rooms immediately feel small, cramped and cluttered. By having built in storage installed you can hide away all the extras, store more, and open up the floor space.  Built in storage will look better and by going all the way up to the ceiling you are maximizing the floor space the storage uses.


Color.  Bright colors make a room feel larger.  If your walls are painted in dark blue or brown, consider lightening up the shade into a pale blue or tan to make the room feel larger.  For a small cost and a Saturday afternoon, you can transform the look of your room.


Window Treatments.  Hang your curtains higher up on the wall.  Instead of installing a curtain rod directly over your windows, install it higher up toward the ceiling.  This will create an optical illusion of taller walls.


Light.  Dark rooms feel small and cramped.  Have larger windows installed.  A simple French door leading to a patio can look beautiful, let more light in, and the outdoor space can become an extension of your room.


Furniture.  Make sure to use furniture that fits your space.  Small rooms should not be full of overpowering, large furniture.  Each piece should be smaller and perform more than one function.  For example a storage chest that doubles as a coffee table.


At Cipriani Remodeling Solutions, we can help you to install storage solutions, new windows, and paint the inside of your home – all things that will help make your home feel larger until you are ready for a full remodel.