Delight your friends and family with homemade breads, pizza, and naan directly from your very own brick oven.

If you and your family love the taste of fresh pizza hot out of a pizzeria brick oven, long for fresh flakey breads, or the feel of warm naan between your fingers than a brick oven is the perfect accompaniment to your kitchen remodel.  While brick ovens have not traditionally been found in American kitchens they are a simple and effective way to elevate the qualiy of bread dishes you make within your home.  When heated brick ovens will absorb the heat into its enterior walls making for a more even heat distribution. The result is that you won’t pull out a pizza to find doey crust in the middle while the outside is burned.  Most cooks have faced the frustration of waiting for a pizza to cook only to find it is half burned, half undercooked and no one is satisfied.  Solving this problem is easy with the right tools and a brick oven will do the trick perfectly.

In the past several decades international food has become increasingly popular.  While food like naan was traditionally only eaten within the Indian community now it is popular with a large variety of people.  Down-Home South Jersey blog recently featured a recipe for Naan Bread Pizza on its website as an ideal solution to busy back to school nights.  Naan can be an accomponyment to most meat and vegitable dishes as well as stand on its own as a delicious snack.  Making high quality fresh non in a conventional oven is extremely difficult.  Cooking it in a brick oven is easier and delightful.

For chefs looking for a change from the routine consider a kitchen remodel that includes installing a brick oven.  You run the risk of the neighborhood lining up for your pizzas but as long as you don’t mind the impromptu party give your contractor a call.  For those in the South Jersey area looking to try the naan recipe contact Cipriani Remodeling Solutions to learn how they can assist with all of your remodeling needs.

~Bethany Wood