Have you ever noticed how much time you spend in the kitchen?  Cooking breakfast, lunch, and dinner are a serious commitment.  The larger your family is – the more time you will spend in this area of the house.  After you’re done cooking there is clean up and the cycle continues.  Many people will spend over two hours in the kitchen every day!  On top of that kitchens are often a gathering place, homework spot, and conversational hub.  With so much activity being centered around your home kitchen, we have gathered our favorite ideas for making your kitchen more functional and comfortable.


Here are the best kitchen ideas ever:


  • Countertops.  Have countertops installed that allow you to prep food on top of them.  Consider installing a butcher blog or stainless steel so that you can avoid pulling out the cutting board.  This one extra step takes time, so go around it.
  • Pull out cabinets.  It can be hard to find things that are buried inside of your cabinets.  When making a new dinner dish that creates more time for you to hunt for spices or the right utensil.  Solve this problem with pull out cabinets that make it easy to see everything.
  • Island with two levels.  We can create a custom island for your family that is full of storage solutions, a prep sink, and two levels.  By creating a second, higher, level than the cooking area you can have a built in space for guests.  This lets kids do homework next to you without it getting wet from dishes or stained from dinner prep.  We can even install outlets so you can charge phones, laptops, and iPads.
  • Cathedral ceilings. Many people think cathedral ceilings are only for the formal living room or great room.  Having high ceilings in your kitchen is a fantastic way to open up the space, let light in, and creates an open airy feel.  If your home is small, and the lot won’t allow for expansion, opening the ceiling can create a sense of space without actually increasing it.
  • Commercial hood.  There are so many sleek designs available now for modern looking hoods.  By installing a commercial grade hood you can keep the house smelling fresh, rather than smelling like dinner.  This is important for kitchens that open onto a great room.
  • Glass cabinets.  By replacing wood front cabinets with glass you can always see what dishes are where.  This is great for families that want kids to help out.  Instead of hunting for the plates, they can be easily found.
  • Trash and recycling chutes.  We can install hidden garbage chutes that make throwing out the trash easier than ever.
  • Appliances.  Buy new appliances!  They make your life easier by cooking food faster and more evenly.  We can recommend a variety of appliances for how your family lives.


At Cipriani Remodeling Solutions we have been renovating kitchens for over 35 years.  We can turn your kitchen into a dream space that is highly functional for your family.