Let’s face it – the bathroom gets a lot of use. Instead of getting ready every morning in a dark, cramped space, you could be in an open and airy room that you enjoy using. Remodeling your bathroom can be fun and easy. Since the space is small it can typically be remodeled quickly and without interfering with the functionality of the rest of your home. As an added bonus when you remodel the bathroom you are likely to get that expense back when you sell it in the future. This is an investment that will pay you back now in comfort and later in resale value.

Here are ten easy ways to update your bathroom:

  • Mirror. Remove the solid wall mirror and replace it with one, or two, framed mirrors. This is an opportunity to add character to your bathroom space and use a wood finish you like.
  • Lighting. Exposed bulbs are boring and dated. Have lighting installed that provides you with the proper amount you need for applying makeup while also looking gorgeous.
  • Fans. Too many homes were built without appropriate bathroom ventilation. A contractor can install a fan and window. This will keep the air circulating and help you avoid pesky mold.
  • Tile Shower. A custom tile shower can turn your bathroom from ordinary into spa like. You can select the color and size of your tiles and have custom ledges and storage installed.
  • Music. By installing a shower head that has speakers you can listen to music while getting ready.
  • Vanity. Most vanities are boxy and boring. You can have one installed that looks like a dresser, piece of art, or retro. Regardless of your personal taste, there is a vanity that is perfect for you.
  • Color. Bathrooms are a small, closed off space. This is your opportunity to take a risk and experiment with your favorite color. The powder room doesn’t have to be white. Try your favorite green, Tuscan finish, or wallpaper.
  • Hardware. If you like your existing vanity you can still upgrade your bathrooms look by having unique or custom hardware installed. This can include a new faucet and drawer pulls.
  • Flooring. Have wide-planked wood floors or gorgeous tile installed in your bathrooms floor. Since the space is small splurge on high end tile.
  • Décor. If you want to refresh your bathroom on a budget change the décor. You can buy a new shower curtain, rug, towels and accessories for a new look and feel.

At Cipriani Remodeling Solutions we can turn your ordinary bathroom into a gorgeous place that you like spending time in. Call us today to learn how we can take functional spaces and turn them into show stoppers. Your bathroom can be beautiful and functional.