Summer is here.  The sun is shining, birds are chirping, and you finally have time to kick your feet up.  Without worrying about rushing the kids off to school, last minute science fair projects, or sports playoffs – summer is a great time to start a home remodeling project.  Since it is warm outside you and your family can spend time in the backyard playing while the contractor is inside working on the house.  Having the flexibility to eat dinner when you want, and put the kids to bed a little later, makes a summer remodel easier on the family.  Depending on the project you may even get your remodel completed before it’s time to buy new backpacks.


Here are some fun summer remodeling projects to turn your home into a vacation getaway:


  • Patio Bar.  A contractor can install a kitchen window that opens up onto a patio bar.  This is fantastic for people that have a large deck, sunroom, or standard patio.  By creating a patio bar you open up the interior living space and have the effects of an outdoor kitchen without installing new plumbing.  The cook can enjoy summer breezes and feel connected with the rest of the family while enjoying the convenience of cooking in the main kitchen.
  • Loft Bed.  If you plan on having guest visit for the holidays, and need additional sleeping space, now is a great time to have a loft bed installed.  You can easily place one above the door in the office to create a private, sleeping space for guests that doesn’t require you giving up one of your rooms. 
  • Outdoor Shower.  Install an outdoor shower and put up walls for privacy.  This is perfect for people that have a pool, live near the beach, or have rowdy kids.  Rather than letting dirty feet traipse through the living room have everyone shower off and put on a robe before coming indoors.
  • Indoor Playground.  The sun is shining now but come winter the kids will need a place to play.  Creating an indoor or covered play area is a perfect way to keep the little ones entertained when the rain and cold set in.  Make sure to work with an experience contractor that can keep the swings and slides secure, rather than trying to mount them to interior walls yourself.


Take advantage of the warm weather, and your family’s ability to play outdoors, to start your summer remodeling project.  Small improvements can make a big difference and help you to enjoy your home for years to come.  At Cipriani Remodeling Solutions, we can meet with you and create custom solutions to all of your family’s needs.