The object of most home remodeling design is to get the most from the space you have. Unless we have the means to have custom cabinetry fabricated, we are left with basic sizes of cabinets and appliances which seldom add up to the exact dimensions you need. As a result, we can end up with filler pieces and wasted blind corner space that we wish could be useful. Those days are over. Today, there are accessories that render wasted space a relic of the past. We all know there never seems to be enough space for the stuff we accumulate.

Rev a Shelf, a company based in Jeffersontown, Kentucky, has tackled nearly every space-eating problem any kitchen ever had. From bind corner slide-outs to filler pull-outs, Rev a Shelf seems to have covered, not only how to make wasted space usable, but how to make access to the space you have functionally smoother and more organized. While their kitchen accessories are the answer to many storage issues, they offer similar products for bathrooms and closets as well.


Sink bases, because of the plumbing, in both kitchens and baths often become a repository for everything that we either have nowhere else to put, or we want to hide. Rev a Shelf makes use of that normally shelf-less space. A normal pantry or linen cabinet always seems to be much larger than the things we can store in them, and then, 80% of the stuff we stuff in them is not accessible unless we take the front half of the stuff out. …So 4 years later, when we can’t stand it anymore and decide to clean it out, we discover those petrified marshmallows, the pirate balloons from our 6-year-old’s second birthday, or that holiday serving dish we re-bought last year


From ironing boards that store in vanity drawers, to tall linen or pantry cabinet pull-outs that not only utilize every inch of space, but allow you to see and access everything, to blind corner storage that allows you to use space never before accessible, and a ton of like ideas that will make your home more comfortable and your space more usable. Rev a Shelf is available in many colors and finishes, and works with your existing cabinetry. Whether you are considering a home remodeling project, or want to retro-fit space saving accessories, think about these. Many cabinet manufacturers offer similar add-ons, but Rev-a-Shelf has it all.


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