Once you have chosen the layout and design of your new space and seen what the space will look and feel like in 3-D, it’s time to make your selections.

Many remodelers will give you an “allowance” and send you off to the tile or flooring company to choose your colors.  If you’ve ever been to a showroom of a flooring distributor, you’ll know how overwhelming it can be.  And since most homeowners aren’t experts in carpet specifications, it will be almost impossible to make a choice.  And what happens if you choose tile in one store and need to match it to appliances or cabinets sold in another store.  This process alone could take weeks and cause a lot of unnecessary stress.

We know of one remodeler (us!) who takes their homeowners shopping.  We personally walk you through the selections you need to make, explaining the features and benefits of the options and helping you make the choices that will work with the budget.  What a relief!

In addition, a thorough remodeler will provide product recommendations and options for you to consider.  Based on your budget, you may have to prioritize where you want or need to spend more money and where you can save.

When it comes to seeing all these selections in the proposal, do not expect to see prices attributed to each item.  Think of how you buy a car.  The sticker on the window lists what’s included in that car:  heated seats, moon roof, the “sports package” or steel wheels for example.  The price quoted is for the total package, not an individual cost for each feature.  That’s how a remodeling estimate is presented.  It’s the entire package of the design, the selections you made and the cost of labor that determines the cost of your project.  The house is a system.  You can’t purchase siding without also buying caulk, j-channel, vapor barrier, etc., etc., etc…


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