If you considering remodeling your home, there are a few simple things to consider as you plan your new kitchen, bath or home addition.

  1. Give yourself enough time to carefully consider the details.
  2. Look at the space you have now.  How do you use the space now and how do you want to use it after the project is finished?
  3. What new features will you need in order to use the space as you envision?
  4. Do a careful “needs assessment.”  Then prioritize these needs in case your budget won’t accommodate all of them.
    1. What do I need?
    2. Why do I need it?
    3. Who will use it?
    4. How often will the space be used?
    5. What is the traffic flow?  How is the space connected to the rest of the house?
    6. What do I need to fit into the space?  A fireplace?  Grandmom’s favorite couch?  A pool table?
    7. How much natural light will you have?
    8. Compare the space to others you have seen.  Have you been in a room that you think would be the perfect size and do what you want this room to do?
    9. Clip out photos from magazines or download ideas from the Internet.

Next time we’ll talk about how to decide on a budget.