Fighting clutter is something that most people are familiar with.  Whether it is the backpacks after school, your fifty Jimmy Choos, a garage full of tools, kitchen utensils, or a DVD collection, clutter can make a lovely home look messy.  You can go out and purchase chests, bins, and baskets, or you can look for interesting and fun built in solutions to your storage problems.  We have gathered our most fun and creative ideas for your home to be clutter free and beautiful.


Here are our top picks:


  • Closet Door Bookshelf.  This repurposed door can serve as a bookshelf to create better organization for the avid readers in your family.  I can be done in a bedroom, family room, or wherever else they gather to read.  It does not take any additional room so you can be organized without sacrificing floor space.
  • Repurposed Hall Closet.  If you have a large hall closet you can take the doors off and repurpose it into a new space.  This can become a nook where you have a small office.  By tucking away your desk, printer, computer, and paperwork, your home can be instantly more organized.  Since it is in a closet you can easily install a curtain rod and close the entire office away at a moment’s notice.  This is a great solution for privacy and organization.
  • Lego Shelf.  If your kids love to build you can make fantastic places for them to display their latest creations.  Take a shelf and hot glue the green Lego base to the top of it. Kids can mount their Legos and you have additional storage for hanging sweaters and bags.
  • Sunken Island Bins.  You can create hidden, sunken, storage in your kitchen island.  This can house common things you eat like bread and vegetables.  Rather than having a bread basket taking space on the counter, have your bread built right in.
  • Built in Laundry Board.  Why are laundry boards always downstairs when you get dressed in an upstairs master closet?  We can install a laundry board in your master closet that hides into your clothing storage when not in use.
  • Stair Storage.  We can build in storage along your stair case.  This can be used to hang a sweater, display family photos, put shoes away and more.  By using your stairs for more than walking you are maximizing this traditionally wasted space.


We can design a custom storage solution for your needs.  At Cipriani Remodeling Solutions,  we think outside of the box to provide you with customized solutions to make your home beautiful.