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The Cipriani Way - Listen

Step 1 – We Listen Better

Free In-Home Design Consultation

Our process begins when one of our remodeling consultants visits you at home. We listen to your ideas to know what you want to achieve with the renovation project.

The design consultant will then take measurements and photographs of the area to be renovated. They will ask detailed questions about how the space is to be used so the new design will reflect your exact needs and wishes.

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The Cipriani Way - Design

Step 2 – Begin the Design

Visit Our Design Center

Our remodeling consultants will take the information gathered by the design consultant and create a 3-D model of your project.

You will be invited to our Woodbury design center to meet with your remodeling consultant and view the 3-D model of your proposed renovation. This model is only preliminary as many components can be changed such as colors, textures, and fixture arrangement.

A visit to our design center will also give you the opportunity to see samples of building materials and learn about our production process so you will feel comfortable with the way we do business. We can also discuss your budget to ensure your final design falls within your budget range.

Cipriani Remodeling Solutions offers our Safe-Pay plan to all of our customers and we only require a 2% down payment to begin work. Other payments are due as each phase of the work is completed. We feel this plan puts you in control of the money and is not as risky as companies that require large down payments.

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The Cipriani Way - Refine

Step 3 – Refine the Design

Refining Your Project

Your remodeling consultant will take you shopping for all of your material selections. We do this because we realize trying to sort through all the possibilities on your own can be a source of tremendous stress. Your consultant can help you avoid this stress by shopping with you and they can also save you time and money with their guidance.

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The Cipriani Way - Define

Step 4 – Define the Design

Project Agreement

The project agreement is a collection of documents that is assembled when the project design is finalized and all materials have been chosen. It includes such information as plans, drawings, and payment schedule. It includes the project start and completion dates as well as 3-D illustrations of the new space. Most important, it includes the brand name, model number, size, and color of all selected materials.

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The Cipriani Way - Build

Step 5 – Build Your Project

The Fun Begins!

Now that the design phase is complete, it’s time to move to the exciting time of building your renovation.

Starting Your Project

Our company will obtain all the required building permits. The materials detailed in your project agreement will be ordered.

Pre-Construction Meeting

Your remodeling consultant and project manager will meet with you at your home about two weeks prior to your scheduled start date. This meeting will enable the project manager to review the details of the project agreement so he can be ready to start work on day one. The project manager will be your contact person once the building process begins. He will address such issues as access to your property, pets, material storage, dumpster placement, and other relevant issues.

Let’s Celebrate!

Once you have settled into your new living space, we would like to visit you at your convenience. We will even bring a gift to show our appreciation for choosing our company.

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