There has been a movement in green building to incorporate more indoor/outdoor spaces.  By blending the two people have exposure to fresh air and the outdoors without requiring a large lawn.  This is an ideal solution for homes on small lots or in more urban areas.  Existing homes can join the revolution through simple remodeling techniques that leave the majority of your existing home undisturbed.  You can continue to run your life like normal while we create a blended space for your entire family to enjoy.


Here are ways to have exceptional indoor/outdoor spaces in your home:


  • Retractable Glass Walls.  Instantly open your family room to the outdoors by having retractable glass walls installed.  These walls can run the entire length of your home.  They provide an abundance of natural light, and when opened, merge your indoor and outdoor space.  This instantly makes your home feel larger.
  • Decks.  Traditionally decks, or porches, were only on the lower level with limited access. You can expand the space in your home by installing decks off of the upstairs rooms in your home.  By covering them the space can be used year round.  Many modern homes are designating specific decks for certain purposes.  For example a yoga deck with flooring materials designed for comfortable exercise.  A deck with artificial grass becomes an outdoor play space for the children.  They can be customized for your every need.
  • Bathrooms.  You can expand your downstairs bathroom to have an outdoor shower attached.  If your bathroom is not on an exterior wall we can install one.  This provides easy clean up after going to the beach, swimming in the pool, or running around outside.  By designing an outdoor bathroom that leads into the inside space you can get completely cleaned up without dirtying the house.
  • Fireplace.  A built in fireplace that can be used from the family room and the outdoor deck is fabulous to look at and highly functional.  It blends the two spaces in a way that can be customized for your design taste.
  • Reflection Pool.  Look at the landscape of your home and place a reflection pool outside one of your retractable glass walls.  Separate the space with a cement or stone patio.  This elegant touch will add glamour and relaxation to your home.
  • Barn Doors.  If you prefer more of a country feel have barn doors installed instead of the glass wall.  You can open up the space, creating the same indoor/outdoor room experience, while maintaining a more traditional feel in your home.


Open your home up to the outdoors and let light in.  Through simple changes to your current home, Cipriani Remodeling Solutions can create beautiful indoor/outdoor spaces that are sure to impress your friends and create a space your family can enjoy for years.