We’re talking about what to look for in an estimate when you are considering a renovation of your home.  Last time we talked about design.  Now, let’s talk about how to “see” the design.

#2 – Make sure your new space is adequately demonstrated to you before your start tearing out walls.

A contractor cannot properly estimate the cost of your project without a proper design.  As you engage in discussion about what you want, need and hope to be able to afford, your remodeler will provide you with options on layout and materials.  These should be formulated into a formal design so you can see what your new space will be like.

An architectural drawing will show you where the cabinets and appliances are, where there will be outlets and light switches and how much floor space you will need to cover.  A plan like this is the basis for project “take-offs” which becomes a detailed list of the materials needed for the job.  Some architectural drawings are more complex than others, depending on the complexity of the project.

Your contractor may not provide this level of detail on more than one layout/design because there is a cost involved.  Expect to pay a design fee, which is not refundable, to the contractor to create these plans.

In addition to the 2-dimensional plan, a good remodeler will create the space on a computer program so you can see the area in 3-D.  The better programs make you feel like you are in the space itself and you can turn “physically” turn around and experience the room.  Not all remodelers have this virtual reality capability.  But if you are embarking on a big home renovation project, you should require it.


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