Basking in the glow of warmer weather,  homeowners are ready to tackle home improvement projects that have been hibernating during the winter months.   A lighting project is the perfect solution to enhance the beauty and ambiance of the home.  Light fixtures, coverings and fabrics can inject a creative fusion of personal style and interest.

Here are some simple lighting project ideas that will enlighten any living space:

  • Create a new lamp-If you want to upgrade your lamps but nothing is really catching your eye or fits your taste or style,  then why not consider a DIY lighting project? Hardware stores and home centers sell pre-made kits with all the materials needed to make your own lamp.  Besides using a traditional lamp base, your creative juices flow and craft one from a basket or vase.
  • Refresh your lamp shades: A new lamp shade will make a difference not only in the room but your wallet when it is perched on top of an existing lamp base.  The change in size and shape of a lamp shade will surely give an old lamp a new reason to glow.
  • Touch up with textiles: Apply fabric or wallpaper that matches the style of the room. Stencils and paint are a great and inexpensive way to give an old lamp shade some star-studded treatment.
  • Dim those lights: During the day, natural or artificial light set the scene or the day’s activities but lowering the lights at night create a warm glow throughout the house.  By dimming the lights in the home, it reduces the amount of energy that is being used which can also save money.  It is very easy and inexpensive to install a dimmer and the light can be adjusted at the wall switch or through a cord.