When remodeling a home, kitchen appliances can be the last thing that comes to mind. Working appliances may be “just good enough” until you realize the wide range of time and energy saving appliances that are available today. You can improve your home by scrapping archaic appliances for a new and improved version. This way you increase the value of your property and lower your operating cost.

Here are some ideas for appliance upgrades that can make spending time in the kitchen a little easier:

  • Electric Range.  They are easier to clean and more fuel efficient than their gas counterparts.  Electric ranges are capable of maintaining a level surface, heating up incredibly quickly and many home owners prefer them to gas.  Smooth top glass top surfaces with hidden heating elements require little effort in the way of cleaning, giving your more time to enjoy dinner with the family.
  • Microwave.  With modern technology, a microwave can evenly cook food, and can be built directly into your cabinetry to allow for more counter space.  There are plenty of styles to choose from that will match your other new appliances.
  • Dishwasher.  Old dishwasher appliances are loud, obnoxious and use excessive amounts of water. Some antiquated dishwashers don’t even leave the dishes sparkling as a little elbow grease and some Dial soap might do. Modern dish washing units are both significantly more water efficient and energy efficient, leaving your dishes both cleaner and drier with more internal rack room and much less exterior noise. Never watch TV with dishwasher background noise again!
  • Refrigerator.  A new refrigerator unit can lower your monthly electric bill. The fridge runs on its own all day long.  An energy efficient version can be good for your leftovers and the environment. Many new versions come with a slide-out bottom drawer to store the meats, breads and dinners you need to freeze. Digital temperature read-outs and ice dispensers make life much more convenient and offer greater user control. Door mounted ice dispensers serve ice exactly how and when you want it.

You can conserve energy, make your life easier, and increase your home’s value by upgrading your appliances today. To save money you can purchase in sets and keep your kitchen looking fresh with matching upgrades.  Work with a contractor when installing new appliances to make sure it is done correctly.  Plumbing and electric work are required and something as simple as over tightening a bolt can cause a water leak.  To make sure that your new appliances operate efficiently let a professional handle the installation.  New appliances are also different sizes and shapes than their predecessors, requiring adjustments to cabinetry.  A professional carpenter can make minor changes to accommodate new appliances, rather than requiring a complete cabinet overhaul. Whether completing a full kitchen remodel or simply replacing your appliances we can help.