Industrial architecture is characterized by a utilitarian approach to decor. If you’re looking to achieve a uniquely modern design for your home and bathroom remodel, the industrial-chic aesthetic might be the perfect choice. In this blog, Cipriani Remodeling Solutions discusses key elements of industrial homes.

Functional Furnishings

Furnishings for an industrial home are less decorative, leaning towards minimalism and no-nonsense design. Reclaimed furnishings are not out of place in an industrial home, which means thrift stores and garage sales are fair game. Wooden crates and old ladders can be repurposed into tables and shelving. While utilitarian components play a large role in achieving the industrial look, it doesn’t mean you have to make your home look like a salvage yard. Furniture and decor can be custom-made to fit your industrial aesthetic.

Lots of Open Space

The industrial style evokes the cavernous spaces of factories and packing plants, so it only makes sense to incorporate tall ceilings and open floor plans into the design. This sense of space gives remodeling contractors more flexibility in creating a floor plan. Instead of individual rooms, the kitchen, dining room and living area can occupy one large space. Lofts can be built in lieu of bedrooms.

Cool Colors

Industrial-style homes may be utilitarian, but they don’t have to be dull. In fact, industrial homes tend to feature pops of color here and there to add visual interest to the space. Walls made of concrete or brick are perfect canvases for bright-colored pieces, such as a floor lamp with an orange lampshade. You can also go the other way and choose rich, dark colors like indigo or moss.

Metal Decor

Metal components look right at home in an industrial setting. In addition to stainless steel refrigerators and cooktops, metal decor and furnishings work well in industrial homes. Just make sure that the metal surfaces are well-maintained to avoid rust and corrosion. Certain metals such as copper may develop a patina, which is the only time when not cleaning the furniture actually makes it look better.

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