As winter draws to a close you may be growing tired of looking at your same fireplace.  A fireplace is often the center of the family or living room, a wonderful addition to a master suite and a romantic way to stay warm at night.  It can also be an eyesore if you have not updated it in years.  We have ways to turn your fireplace into a focal point that you will love looking at all year long.

Here are some ideas for jazzing up your fireplace:

  • Build in Wood Storage. If you have a wood burning fireplace we can install a perfectly sized area to store wood.  Building it into the fireplace itself gives it a custom look that highlights your design taste.  It also keeps dirt off of the floor or fireplace hearth.
  • Built in Storage.  You can have a shelf designed into the fireplace to place keepsakes and other items.  In the spring and summer you can put flowers here to brighten up the space.
  • Stone.  Consider replacing your brick fireplace with stone for a more modern feel.  You can select a variety of sizes and colors to make the fireplace match the rest of the house.
  • Limestone.  This material will add a unique touch to your fireplace that wont be found in most of your friends homes.
  • Faux Finish.  If you want to jazz up your fireplace without replacing it you can place a faux finish over the top with paint.  Give it a Tuscan look or simply change the color.
  • Ultra Modern.  You can make your fireplace look like it is suspended in the air by designing it to have a gap between the fireplace itself and the hearth.
  • Built in.  Your fireplace can be designed to be built into the wall itself for perfect blending and a modern feel.
  • Mantel.  Replacing your fireplace mantel is an easy way to freshen up the space.  You can add something glamorous or simple, depending on your taste.  Using extravagant molding can add glamour where a reclaimed wood beam can give a country vibe.
  • Fireplace Surround.  We can install a fireplace surround that starts at the floor and ends with a large and gorgeous fireplace mantel.  This adds the finishing touch to a standard fireplace that makes it seem more like a decoration than simply a way to get warm.
  • Hearth.  Build out the fireplace hearth to add extra seating to your room.  This can become a warm and cozy place to sip a cup of coffee or have a conversation.
  • Indoor/Outdoor.  As spring and summer approach an indoor/outdoor fireplace adds a romantic touch to any evening.  You can have one installed in your living or dining room that can be used from inside or an outdoor deck.  It ties the two spaces together and adds a unique touch to any home.

Your fireplace can become a showstopper with some simple remodeling.  Call us today to see how your fireplace can be redesigned to enhance the beauty of your home and make those winter nights even more enjoyable.