Childhood is a time for whimsy and adventure. Children should have a fun room to match their imagination. You can have the perfect room to capture your child’s imagination while providing the storage solutions you need to keep their room tidy. By following these easy to use tips you can design the perfect kids room that your children will love spending time in.

Here is how you can have the best kids room ever:

  • Color. Don’t be afraid of color. This is one room where you can experiment and use full, bold hues to make a statement. Try bright orange for boys and purple for girls. Expand your color pallet beyond the typical baby blue and pale pinks.
  • Swing. Who says swings are for the outdoors only? We can install a swing in your child’s room. Whether a simple wooden swing or a luxury wicker model, your child can have playground fun indoors on rainy days.
  • Slides. Nothing is more fun than sliding out of bed in the morning. Install a slide on your child’s bunk bed and make waking up an adventure.
  • Built-in Storage. The best kids rooms have the best storage solutions. Use built in cubbies to hold special toys and keepsakes, built in toy chests to hold stuffed animals, and a sturdy built in bookcase to hold all of your favorite nighttime stories. Built-in storage is functional and beautiful.
  • Custom Beds. Children love small, cozy spaces. We can create beds that are built into the wall that make it seem like they are entering a warm and inviting cave, made perfectly for them.
  • Rugs. Provide a soft place to play using brightly colored or patterned rugs. The softer the better.
  • Tents. Pop a tent inside and let the magic begin. Spark your child’s creativity with a simple cotton camping tent or one fit for a circus clown.
  • Reading Bench. We can build a combination reading/playing nook and storage bench under your child’s window. This well lit, cozy spot is the perfect place to play a game, brush a dolls hair, or cozy up with a goodnight story.

When designing your child’s bedroom the most important thing to remember is to have fun. Their room should be a reflection of their personality and everything they love. Hiring a contractor to create built in storage, swings, beds, and benches provides the practical and whimsical elements that make an ordinary room extraordinary. At Cipriani Remodeling Solutions, we can spark your child’s imagination and create a space that they will never want to leave.