Cape Cod charm is something that brings a smile to many faces and makes a home feel cozy and warm. If you are tired of your homes look and want to update it, a Cape Cod remodel is an easy way to give your home a facelift. With attention to detail and character touches you can turn the ordinary into fantastic.

Here is how you can add Cape Cod charm to your home:

  • Shutters. This is a simple and inexpensive way to add character to the front of your home. Install shutters around your front, exterior windows in a contrasting color. If your home is a dark blue, add white shutters. If your home is white, consider navy or black shutters. The contrast is what makes them pop.
  • Planter Boxes. Flowers add color and beauty to the front of any home and planter boxes are simply charming. Install them underneath your windows and fill them with large, beautiful plantings. If you want to have an Americana feel, plant bright red and white flowers.
  • Picket Fence. A white picket fence used to be synonymous with the dream of home ownership. While this trend has been widely abandoned they were popular for a reason. A white picket fence speaks of a quieter time and lazy days spent outside, playing as a family.
  • Bead board. Classic white tongue and groove paneling has graced the walls of many Cape Cod homes. It can be installed in hallways, bathrooms, and bedrooms to give your home a touch of comfortable elegance. You can even install it around a built in tub.
  • Builtin Cabinetry. Install built in cabinets and cubbies throughout your home for a clean and elegant way to store keepsakes and hide toys. Have them installed on the family room wall, in your bedroom, and hallway.
  • Window Seating. Make the most of dormer windows by have a bench window seat installed under each one. This is the perfect place to cozy up with a good book while enjoying the natural light that the window provides.
  • Wood Floors. Wide plank wood flooring feels open, clean, and airy. Combined with light colored walls it can open up your home.
  • Hardware. Throw out the standard hardware that came with your home and replace it with more rustic pieces. This attention to detail is what makes a home unique.
  • Bunk beds. Bring back memories of warm summer afternoons at the beach. Install built in bunk beds in one of your smaller guest rooms. Whether you have kids at home or weekend visitors, built in bunks add charm and bring back childhood memories.

Give your home a facelift without an expensive remodel. You can add Cape Cod charm to your home with mostly cosmetic upgrades that don’t involve plumbing and electrical – simply a good carpenter. We can turn your home into a cozy place that you never want to leave. Give us a call today and learn how Cipriani Remodeling Solutions can work for you!