2014 BLSJ MAME Award Best Renovated Kitchen $100,000 or less
Wenonah, NJ
Robert Kramer, AKBD Designer
Cipriani Remodeling Solutions

This award winning historical kitchen renovation is hidden in Southern New Jersey’s quaint town of Wenonah. This historic home had a glorified closet as a kitchen, complete with its original coal chute still in place. Modernization was a priority, while maintaining the historical character a must.

Before Historical Kitchen Renovation Wenonah, New Jersey

The owners wanted to use the existing floor plan and not disturb existing walls. To achieve their goal, the new design widened existing doorways to connect to an underutilized adjacent pass-through area. A cleverly crafted peninsula ties these two rooms together seamlessly.


Creative extension of space in this historical kitchen renovation Wenonah, New Jersey

The refrigerator and pantry were also creatively tucked into the new kitchen space. The design also incorporates tray-divider pullouts, spice organizer, a hidden trash receptacle, and full pantry. Rev-A-Shelf organizers were used in this kitchen to solve some organizational issues.

Clever placement of refrigerator and pantry

The gray Craftsman-styled cabinet doors from Conestoga Wood  compliment the character of the home beautifully. Design features include a beverage station and a lighted open display cabinet. New wood floors were married to the old beautifully. To brighten the space, a skylight was incorporated along with under-cabinet lighting and decorative pendants.

Beverage Station- Historical Kitchen Renovation Wenonah, New Jersey

The designer accomplished a tall order by working with the existing footprint. The homeowners are thrilled the kitchen is larger, but doesn’t feel a day newer than the original house.


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