For those wanting to make their home Green or environmentally friendly there are easy flooring solutions you can implement today.  If you are considering replacing your carpet, remodeling, or even purchasing an area rug you can make minor switches that make a big impact.


Here are ways to make your flooring go Green:


  • Sisal Rugs.  Sisal is an agave plant that yields stiff fiber that can be made into robe, twine, or in this case –rugs.  It grows throughout the world in places like Florida and Kenya.  It is easy to grow making sisal fibers sustainable.  Rugs made of sisal have a natural, rustic beauty and can be a great addition to any home.
  • Reclaimed Hardwood.  You can purchase hardwood flooring that was previously in a business or home.  By refinishing the hardwood we can place a completely recycled product into your home.  It ads character and can give newer homes a more lived in look.
  • Terrazo.  This flooring is glamorous and modern while being 100% recycled.  It is made out of recycled tile, glass, and toilets.  Looking at the flooring you would never realized it came from the combination of so many parts.  As in our picture, it can be used in the living room, kitchen, bathroom – you name it.
  • Cork.  There is no shortage of cork.  This plentiful, natural product is used to create a variety of flooring styles with natural, wood like tones.  You can use cork throughout your home as a substitute for new wood flooring.
  • Carpet Tiles.  Recycled carpet tiles look fresh and are easy to install.  They come in square blocks so you can create an interesting color pattern and install them in a day.
  • Saltillo Tile.  They are commonly found in Mexico and are produced of clay.  They are beautiful with a Spanish flair.  This is not something you should install yourself.  They can be difficult to work with so use a professional.
  • Bamboo.  This gorgeous hardwood substitution is less expensive and it grows quickly, making it the most sustainable type of hardwood.


At Cipriani Remodeling Solutions, we are the experts in flooring options for your home.  We can discuss your remodeling goals, design preferences, and recommend sustainable flooring options that are perfect for your home.  You can Go Green and have a home that is beautiful, functional, and affordable to live in.