The outside of your home is the first thing someone sees when driving up.  It can be full of character or boring and drab.  If you are tired of pulling up to a house that looks just like your neighbors consider giving your home a facelift by replacing your garage doors and the surrounding area.  These simple tips are easy updates that won’t break the bank or interfere with the flow of your home or daily activities.

Here is how you can upgrade the exterior of your home:

  • Hardware.  Most people think of hardware in the kitchen or bathroom but you can install it on your garage door for a customized look.  This is an inexpensive way for budget conscious homeowners to add character to the exterior of the home in one day.
  • Lighting.  We can install customize lighting on the sides of your garage door.  This adds character and is practical by helping guest to see at night while walking to your front door.  While installing lighting, electrical can also be ran for walkway lighting as an additional safety feature that also adds ambiance.
  • Windows.  You can have windows installed into your garage door.  This touch makes your garage look like part of the home exterior, rather than having a boring box take up a large portion of your home exterior.
  • Paint.  Try painting your garage door a fun color or painting a pattern on it for visual intrigue.
  • Stone.  Have stone, bricks, or faux rocks installed on the sides of your garage door halfway up the wall. Make sure the stone you select matches the rest of your homes exterior for a customized look.
  • Barn Doors.  You don’t have to use a standard, one piece garage door.  We can install doors that open in the center for old fashioned charm.  This is ideal for people that use their garage as an extension of the house, rather than simply a place to park the car.
  • Pavers.  You can give your home a high end look by replacing your cement driveway. The large section of cement leading up to your garage can give your home a customized look.  Replace the cement with pavers, stamp a pattern into the concrete, or natural stone.

At Cipriani Remodeling Solutions we can make the exterior of your home just as beautiful as the inside.  Call us today to learn how a simple garage makeover can transform the exterior of your home.