By Tammy Collins, CAPS
       As we are in the heat of the summer, I can’t help but think about the upcoming fall months. I am a fall baby, being born in late September and I believe that we are naturally inclined to love the season we were born in. It’s as if we were destine to love our birth season. It seems so fitting to be connected to nature in this way. Mother Nature welcoming her new babies to their own season, what a perfect gift we each receive! For me, the fall is bold, crisp and fresh. It is full of the most beautifully rich warm tones of yellows, greens, reds and browns. Out here in the country, the sweet smell of ripe apples ready for picking wave through the air every time I leave the house.
I instantly think of a warm apple pie smothered in vanilla ice cream drizzled with cinnamon sugar, mmm yum. What do you need to make this fabulous pie? Ah, yes, a new kitchen. Back to reality, you say, “wait my kitchen is too small to make a pie! Peeling apples and rolling out dough! Ugh!” This is where the fantasy of the changing season comes to a screeching halt. The overwhelming feeling of stress and fear of how to get that dream kitchen you have always wanted to bake in comes to the front of your thoughts. Maybe the kitchen isn’t the problem and you are worried about where Aunt Mary will sit because you feel the living room is just too small. Sometimes we worry so much about the idea of making our gatherings perfect that we forget to focus on the quality of our times together. As a result, we put off our home improvement dreams and never get that life changing home makeover because we just don’t know where to start. We become overwhelmed in the many details and decisions involved in a home renovation and just give up. Sometimes, it’s because you can’t envision what the new space would be like or even where to put the new space.
It is for this reason of trying to find space or simple ways to add space to your home that we are offering our “Exploring Additional Space for Your Home” design clinic this fall. We want you to fall back in love with your home and we know you want to love your home again. This fall clinic is a perfect pairing of exploring space and gearing up for the holidays that will be here before you can say apple pie. This clinic is being offered for 2 presentations, Thursday September 18th and Saturday September 20th. We offer refreshments and the clinics are great to bring your friends too. We have designed these clinics to be geared towards our clients and they are interactive. There is always a question and answer session after the presentation so you can get your specific concerns addressed. We have found these clinics to be very popular and as such require reserved seating, register below.

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