Home owners concerned about the environment can make their home more eco-friendly through creative design ideas.  Modern technology has made it possible to reduce the carbon footprint of your home in ways that are beautiful and functional.  Previously it was expensive to “go green”, making it difficult for home owners wanting to make environmentally friendly design decisions.  Prices have reached a point where you can buy products that are better for the environment without blowing your budget.


Here are our top environmentally friendly remodeling ideas:


  • Solar.  Solar panels are an excellent way to generate electricity, and with state and company financing incentives it is possible to lease solar panels with little or no money down.  Those that suffered from Hurricane Sandy remember what it was like to go without electricity.  Solar panels can generate energy to run your home and generators so that you can have heat and lights in an emergency.
  • Bamboo.  We can replace your existing flooring with bamboo.  This type of wood flooring is beautiful, durable, and sustainable because it grows so quickly.
  • Recycled Countertops.  Glass countertops can be stunning, especially when used in small spaces.  Several manufacturers are making them from recycled material that will give your counter a 100% custom look.
  • New Windows.  Keep the summer heat out and the winter heat in by having new windows installed.  This will reduce the amount of energy you use and improve the overall look and feel of your home.
  • Reuse Materials.  You can find gorgeous materials that were previously in buildings that were remodeled or torn down.  For example, an old barn door gives your room a creative look that is unique and fun.  Crown molding from historic buildings can look fantastic in your living room, and wide planked wood floors add historic charm to your kitchen.


If you are looking for design ideas on how you can make your home more environmentally friendly give us a call.  Our team at Cipriani Remodeling Solutions will pay attention to every detail and identify ways for you to “go green” while keeping your home beautiful and functional.