The kids are back in school, and the cool of fall is in the air.  This is an excellent time to tackle some basic home remodeling projects.  You can freshen up your space, making it look new again, with a complete home remodel or small and subtle changes.  Sometimes the little things like changing the bathroom fixtures or replacing the kitchen counters can make a world of difference.  With the holidays right around the corner you can get your home ready for company by starting your remodeling project now.


Here are some easy remodeling ideas for fall:


  • Build a window bench with built-in storage.  Cool fall and winter evenings are the perfect time to get cozy with a good book.  Create a warm and comfortable reading nook by building a window bench with storage.  Use soft cushions and pillows to make it even cozier.
  • Custom tile work. You can add character to your bathroom or kitchen with custom tile work. This is an excellent way to showcase your personality and incorporate your favorite colors.  We can install a custom tile backsplash that will make your room pop.
  • Replace your doors.  Swapping out your old doors for news ones is an easy way to make your home look newer.  Doors are often neglected and can go decades without being changed.  This inexpensive and quick solution will freshen up your space.
  • Lighting.  Dark rooms can be depressing.  Soon winter will arrive and with it shorter days and less natural light.  Make sure you home has all the light it needs through clever lighting solutions.  We can analyze your rooms and make recommendations that enhance your home.
  • Staircase.  Your staircase doesn’t have to be made of single pattern poles in a solid color.  You can turn your staircase into a show stopping design element by utilizing multiple colors, custom banisters, and wooden patterns build right in.
  • Fireplace.  Turn a boring fireplace into a destination.  We can use natural stone and elegant materials to make your fireplace the centerpiece of your family room with built in seating.
  • Install a bar.  You can turn your family room into the gathering spot by installing a bar complete with a sink, refrigerator, dishwasher, and storage.  You can throw parties all year round.  No matter how cold it gets outside you can have hours of fun indoors.  This is an easy way to make your home an entertainment destination.


Remodel your home this fall so that you can enjoy spending time indoors this winter.  Simple changes can make a significant difference in how comfortable and functional your home is.  At Cipriani Remodeling Solutions, we have been helping home owners for decades.  Let us show you how we can turn your home into a destination you and your family will never want to leave.