You can have a dream closet with everything in its place. If you are tired of having piles of clothes on the floor, never knowing where to find your new blouse, ties thrown over hangers, and shoes stacked in the corner – it may be time for a closet redesign. We can work with you to design your dream closet, one where everything has its place and a normally cluttered space and be light and organized. Whether your closet is a walk in or smaller with sliding doors, our clever organizational solutions can help make your life more organized.

Here are some tips for designing the perfect closet:

  • Cubbies. We can build cubbies that are the perfect size to hold sweaters, t-shirts, pants, undershirts and more. By building out these smaller sections your clothes will stay put keeping them wrinkle free and making it easier to find what you need, when you need it.
  • Shoes. Wire shoe racks are a think of the past. Built in shoe shelves are much more attractive and keep your shoes off of the floor. Since they are built in there is no risk of the rack breaking and making an even larger mess.
  • Separate Clothes Areas. Break up your hanging clothes by building walls in between certain sections. For example a built in wall can separate your suits from summer dresses. When getting dressed in the morning you can stand in front of the section to pick an outfit rather than looking at a single hanging bar.
  • His and Hers. We can build out sections for each of your clothes that are designed for the size of your clothes. A 6’5” man is going to need a longer space to hang his shirts than his 5’5” wife. By designing a closet for the height of the people using it, wasted space is reduced. This also makes sorting his and hers clothes even easier.
  • Top Shelves. Installing shelves above the hanging bar is a great way to store seasonal items like special purses, hats, and winter clothes.
  • Ties. A special bar can be installed for looping ties and scarves.
  • Purse Storage. Cubbies and shelves can be installed that are the perfect size for storing purses. Being able to easily see your favorite bags will make rotating them even easier.
  • Mirror. Installing a large wall mirror is essential for designing the perfect closet. You need to be able to see your new outfit and make sure that everything is just right.
  • Lighting. It is important to have flattering lighting in the closet. This is a place where you want to feel beautiful so remove the florescent bulb for something soft.
  • Flooring. A closet is the perfect space to have fun. Select a patterned rug or unique carpet to add whimsy to this small space.
  • Seating. Every closet should have seating. Relax as you undress for the day or get ready in a more leisurely fashion.

Cipriani Remodeling Solutions can help you redesign your closet to make it a place you enjoy spending time in. You can have a closet that makes getting ready enjoyable. Even small spaces can turn into perfectly organized areas of your home. Your dream closet is just a phone call away, so call us to get started today.