Whether you love glamour, the modern look, color, or want a country kitchen a customized backsplash is just the trick for transforming your kitchen from normal to exceptional.  Determine the look and feel you want for your kitchen and have your backsplash do the talking.  We can install this customized feature in your kitchen without taking out appliances or cabinetry so there is very little “down time” in giving your kitchen a new look.

Here are some design ideas for your customized backsplash:

  • White Subway Tiles.  This classic favorite can give your home the charm of a country kitchen and works equally well with art deco styles.  Subway tiles can be installed on all of the open walls in your kitchen.  As an added bonus they are easy to wipe down and clean when compared with standard painted walls.
  • Mirrors.  Add a bit of glamour to your kitchen with small mirrored tiles for a backsplash.  When used in a modern kitchen with stainless steel appliances it can create a very high end feel.
  • Glass.  While not a standard option, glass is very easy to clean.  If you cook a lot and are tired of the clean up – glass could be an ideal solution.  You can also have colored glass tiles installed.  Fans of sea glass can use green and blue to create an ocean feel in the kitchen.
  • Granite.  If you love the color of your granite counter tops continue it up the wall for a seamless look.  This easy to clean solution will blend with your cabinetry.
  • Patterned Marble.  We can install customized, patterned backsplashes made of marble.  This adds a unique and high end finish to any home.
  • Stone.  Stone backsplashes are as unique as the material itself. Since stone is naturally occurring you can select a design that will only show up in your home.  Solid stone backsplashes that cover all of your kitchen walls will add a modern feel to your kitchen where stone tiles in neutral colors can make your home feel like a soothing retreat.
  • Make Your Own.  Families that want their kitchen to be bright, colorful, and fun can design their own tiles.  Your kids can paint on white tiles, using their favorite colors and characters.  You can also write sayings and quotes to display on your walls.  We can install these home made designs mixed in with other tile for a backsplash that represents your family.

Giving your kitchen a fresh feel can be as easy as having us install a customized backsplash.  It can transform a standard kitchen into something that screams personality and taste.  It will make cleaning up even easier and make your kitchen work environment more fun to be in.  Call us today to learn how we can help transform your kitchen into something extraordinary.