Choosing your new cooking appliances can be fun and overwhelming. In order to choose the right appliances, you will need to focus your search. Consider the questions you will find below in order to narrow your options. Feel free to print this questionnaire and take it with you when you begin shopping.

When Shopping for Cooking Appliances: here are some Questions to Ask Yourself…

1. Will I be keeping the same layout in my kitchen or do I plan on making changes to appliance location? If the layout will stay the same, what are the sizes of each of my appliances now? Will my new appliances need to be the same size?

2. Do I currently have gas or electricity connections for my cook top? Will I want to change from one to another? Will I be willing to pay the cost of changing the connections from one to another?

3. Am I looking for a certain style in my kitchen? Will I want a modern style with glass surfaces, a professional style with stainless steel, or a classic style with natural materials like wood or stone?

4. Do I need to accommodate a large amount of people to use the kitchen at the same time? Will I be cooking for large groups of people? Will I want a larger oven or cook top in order to accommodate large groups?

5. Do I need a cook top and stove for standard types of cooking or do I prefer a more professional grade appliance? Do I want special equipment like grill attachments, griddles and woks, steam cooking options, or induction cooking?

6. What type of ventilation system will work best for my cooking needs? Do I need to consider a larger updraft vent or even a downdraft system? Will a standard micro-hood work best for my cooking? Do I have the correct ductwork to include a proper ventilation system?

7. Are there extras that I may need to meet the amount of cooking I do? Would I need items like built in coffeemakers, warming drawers, or a second oven?

8. Do I need to conserve space in my small kitchen by making use of a small range, a cook top only, or a micro-hood?

9. Would I want to consider a wall oven to save from leaning over or bending down? As far as cook tops, would I prefer something like a glass surface or a continuous grate?

10. Am I interested in time saving options in my new appliances? Would I like to consider self-cleaning ovens, speed-heating ovens, pre-programmed cooking, or sealed burners?


Cooking Appliances PDF Download – Print and Enjoy!