When it is time to remodel your home, you must feel confident in the ability to get it done right. More than that, the project, process and experiences should be enjoyable, even enriching. How do you know how to choose a remodeling contractor?

In the past 36 years, we have found that homeowners like yourselves have “7 Customer Wants” on which we have built our business model:

1. You want us to be the expert, the problem solver, and the professional, experienced team that will lead you through your project.

2. You want us to be trustworthy and dependable, giving you honest answers and follow through with any concerns.

3. You want us to deliver what we said by providing a detailed Agreement of all specifications of the job.

4. You want us to communicate daily as to what we did, what we are going to do next, and what you need to do so you are never in the dark.

5.  You want your job to be a priority.

6. You want us to be sensitive and considerate of your living conditions, property, family members and pets to avoid or minimize any inconveniences to their daily life.

7.  You want us to be friendly and optimistic by being approachable, personable and cooperative.

If these are your wants, then you have found the right remodeler in Cipriani Remodeling Solutions.

Basking in the glow of warmer weather,  homeowners are ready to tackle home improvement projects that have been hibernating during the winter months.   A lighting project is the perfect solution to enhance the beauty and ambiance of the home.  Light fixtures, coverings and fabrics can inject a creative fusion of personal style and interest.

Here are some simple lighting project ideas that will enlighten any living space:

  • Create a new lamp-If you want to upgrade your lamps but nothing is really catching your eye or fits your taste or style,  then why not consider a DIY lighting project? Hardware stores and home centers sell pre-made kits with all the materials needed to make your own lamp.  Besides using a traditional lamp base, your creative juices flow and craft one from a basket or vase.
  • Refresh your lamp shades: A new lamp shade will make a difference not only in the room but your wallet when it is perched on top of an existing lamp base.  The change in size and shape of a lamp shade will surely give an old lamp a new reason to glow.
  • Touch up with textiles: Apply fabric or wallpaper that matches the style of the room. Stencils and paint are a great and inexpensive way to give an old lamp shade some star-studded treatment.
  • Dim those lights: During the day, natural or artificial light set the scene or the day’s activities but lowering the lights at night create a warm glow throughout the house.  By dimming the lights in the home, it reduces the amount of energy that is being used which can also save money.  It is very easy and inexpensive to install a dimmer and the light can be adjusted at the wall switch or through a cord.


See what is cooking up in our showroom on Saturday April 12th.

Award-winning designer, Robert Kramer will be hosting a unique and interactive design clinic “Recipe for a Tasty Kitchen Design.”

Robert will focus on focal points of a kitchen design and give tips on how to infuse creativity into those forgotten nooks and crannies.

Reserve your seat for Saturday April 12th.  Call 856-853-8398 or e-mail us at info@ciprianibuilders.com.  Clinic is from 9:30-11:00.




If the valuables in a home are its family treasures, then the home must be the family treasure chest. The home is also a safe haven, an entertainment spot, cultural center and a power station that refuels its members with energy, vitality and creativity.

Everybody enjoys freedom. Everyone wants to be happy. Owning a home, maintaining and perfecting it is one of the greatest rewards of family life. When individuals find themselves in the position to enhance and bring greater beauty and convenience into their homes it is often a life enriching experience.

The impact of remodeling; puts a great responsibility on Cipriani Remodelers. The investment of energy and resources are not taken lightly. For us, each home is a family treasure chest and each remodeling project is our opportunity to contribute to a family’s true wealth. This we do for each individual in the home. This makes every project a personal and professional commitment to improve society as well as strengthening the bond and potential of the families we serve.

We work hard to make every client a part of our family by being personally accountable for the outcome of each home remodeling project; giving them our best effort during and after every project.