This is the next post in our Home Addition Guide series. We have introduced the guide and reviewed the first two steps. In this post, we will talk about steps three and four of the guide. So far, you should have been able to ask yourself some good questions to help determine what you are looking for in a home addition. You should also have explored some potential ideas for your home addition.

At this point you are probably starting to feel a bit overwhelmed. Never fear, the third step in the Cipriani Remodeling Solution’s Home Addition Guide will help you take the next step. Step three will assist you in finding the addition expert for your project.

In order to bring your wants and needs into clearer focus its best to reach out to an expert who can help move you ahead in the process with confidence and ease. With so many unknowns and unanswered questions running through your head, do your research to nail down a professional home remodeling service in your area that can provide the architect and design services needed to move forward on your project. Be diligent in your search – ask for referrals, check reviews, look at credentials, interview candidates, check references, get estimates. Implementing these steps will ensure you are collaborating with the prefect partner. Once you complete step three, step four will begin the fun part of your renovation project. Shopping for the finishing touches will be a breeze with an expert in tow.

Step four is all about the design and shopping. Working hand-in-hand with your design/build team, you’ll now develop a fully workable plan down to the smallest of details. Together, you’ll go shopping for products, pick colors, find the best deals, tweak the design and layout and create the final written plan. From the roof to the floors, you’ll be guided in choosing the right materials that fit your home and your budget. Often times you’ll even come across solutions you had never thought were possible, making it a fun and educational process along the way!

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In our last blog we told you about our new Home Addition Guide and how it can be a useful tool to help guide you in your home renovation process. This blog will tell you how to get started with the Home Addition Guide This time we will give you an insight into the first two steps.

The first step in the Cipriani Remodeling Solution’s Home Addition Guide is about exploring the home addition options. When it comes to adding on to your home it’s always a good idea to put a lot of thought behind it because after all, an addition is the single biggest home remodeling purchase you will ever make. The reasons to do an addition are numerous, but assess your needs and explore all options. Is this the smartest way to add space to the house? Have you constrained to fit features and functions into your existing space? How important is this added living space to you? You need to ask yourself some of these things because just remember, keeping your needs in mind helps you to keep costs down, no matter what choice you end up making.

Step two deals with dreaming up the addition ideas. Think of design ideas that will complement your current floor plan and stay true to the architectural style of your home. When adding on, it is important to ensure that the natural look and flow of the home is considered so that it becomes a natural extension of it. Additions not only add space, they also add character and style to a home. It’s about creating the perfect addition for YOU and the options are plentiful when it comes to designing your new dream space. Whether you’re looking to add a single-room addition, bump-out, sunroom, in-law suite, family room, second-story add-on or expansion of your home, a well-planned addition will solve all your living space challenges.

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A new Home Addition Guide is being introduced by Cipriani Remodeling Solutions. With the start of another new year, Cipriani Remodeling Solutions is introducing a new guide for homeowners who wish to find space in their existing home. Remodeling is a big decision and we want you to make an informed decision about what your next step is in the home renovation process. We help you learn how to make the right choice for your family.

The six step Home Addition Guide will walk you through some basic steps and get you asking yourself the right questions about your project. The early phases of a renovation project should be focused on exploring your family’s wants and needs of the home. Can your home accommodate your needs? Is there a way to efficiently make changes?


Our Home Addition Guide will point you in the right direction. Over the next few months, we will focus on highlighting this guide. You can also look forward to a closer look at some of our home addition projects. You will be able to get a close look at the process of finding space in a home, how it comes to life and the final outcome of a home addition project.

Stay tuned to learn more about the Cipriani Remodeling Solution’s Home Addition Guide. For more information, or visit our Home Addition Guide Page.

To learn more about the featured additions shown in this post, visit the Addition Showcase page.
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Affordable Big Impact Home Winterization Tips

Although you may prefer to forget, last winter’s subfreezing temperatures may not be an isolated occurrence. Weather experts are already discussing if El Nino and arctic air from a polar vortex will cause colder than normal winter weather throughout the country. Is your home ready to withstand the chill?

Smart homeowners are taking time now to prepare their homes for the harsh weather. Winterizing not only helps maintain comfortable temperatures inside, but also helps lower your energy bill. Fortunately, some of the improvements that have the biggest impact are also easy to do and surprisingly affordable.

1. Seal gaps and cracks

The average midsize U.S. home has a half mile of gaps and cracks according to Cold air infiltrates through those spaces causing your furnace to work overtime. An easy way to combat the problem is to use Great Stuff(TM) Gaps & Cracks to fill openings around electrical outlets, plumbing pipes, doors, dryer vents and more. Sealing your home takes just a few hours whether you do it yourself or work with a contractor. Visit to learn more.

2. Reverse fan blades

Your ceiling fans aren’t just valuable during summer – they can help reduce energy costs by circulating warm air that rises to the top of rooms. To ensure your fan is circulating the air correctly, you need to reverse the blades. Most modern ceiling fans have a handy switch that controls the blade direction. During the winter, set the blades to spin clockwise to help warm rooms and set to counterclockwise during summer for cooling breezes.

3. Eliminate drafty windows

Have you ever felt a draft as you walked by your window? Gaps around windows are a major source of heat loss. Seal out those drafts with Great Stuff(TM) Window & Door Insulating Foam Sealant. This specially formulated low-pressure sealant is easy to apply and insulates the window without bending the frame when properly applied. Another great tip is to open the curtains during the daylight hours on south-facing windows so the sun can help heat your home naturally. Close curtains when the sun sets to reduce the chill.

4. Install an adjustable thermostat

An adjustable thermostat is an effective tool for maintaining a comfortably warm home and cutting heating costs. If you have one but don’t have it set, now is the time to learn how. By adjusting the temperature down while you’re sleeping or away, you can save plenty of money. In fact, by turning your thermostat back 10 to 15 degrees for 8 hours, you can save 5 to 15 percent a year on your heating bill, according to

5. Tune up your furnace

If meteorologists’ predictions are correct, your furnace will be working hard this winter. Make sure it is working effectively and efficiently by scheduling a tune-up now. A qualified technician will check the coils and clean and lubricate important mechanical parts. Some utility companies offer free checkups to customers, so be sure to ask about your options. In addition to a tune-up, remember to change your furnace filter once a month during the heating season to maintain proper air flow.

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Design/Build Firm – Cipriani Remodeling Solutions

Project – Master Bath Suite Cherry Hill, NJ – Multi-Award Winning Space

Designer – Robert Kramer, AKBD

Award – BLSJ MAME Award 2014 #213 Category Best Renovated Bath

Award – Professional Remodeler Magazine 2014 Best Residential Interior over $100,000

Five Star Hotel with all the Amenities” was the expectation from these world travelers.  The client was looking to take advantage of a large underutilized space, and having traveled all over the world, they knew the importance of good design.  When this is the opening statement from a client, you know there is going to be some exciting design elements in this project.  Don’t be fooled by the five star terminology.  Many would believe this means an open-ended budget.  And, yes, having more funds to invest into your dream space is nice, but it is not required for a well-designed space.

What does it really mean?  Well, the client is really saying they are open to any and all design ideas.  They want to explore every possibility and the budgets that correspond to the design options.  It is very important to understand why these options are so important.  Having choices gives the client the freedom to choose the best design, it puts them in control of their  budget, and allows for the project that is right for their needs.  A good design/build firm will be able to show you many possibilities for your project.  More importantly, they can give you an accurate estimate for those designs.  This will help you keep your design dreams from swallowing your budget.  Also, a good design/build firm will be able to marry great design with your budget.  This Award-winning project in Cherry Hill, New Jersey, is a great example of exploring many design ideas and budgets to achieve the right results.


Floating stone wall in Master Bath Suite with under cabinet motion sensor lighting.

A big challenge for the designer to overcome: creating separate spaces without it feeling separate.  It was very important for the owners to both have their own spaces, but also to keep an open space.  The existing layout consisted of small, closed-off rooms, and they did not want to repeat a choppy floor plan.  The solution: think outside the box with a floating wall.  This wall enabled all of the client’s wish list items to be incorporated into the design.  The stone-covered wall enabled privacy for the shower and toilet, tucked just behind the vanities.  This space was cleverly crafted to maximize every inch, while enhancing an open-concept footprint and giving way to flanking his-and-hers closet spaces.  Incorporating closet storage for both him and her really gave this space the final hotel experience.  Her closet features a built-in bench, an island and a locking jewelry door.  His side features a peninsula drawer space and a hide-away ironing board.


Floating vanity and shower with privacy frosted glass in Cherry Hill, NJ Master Bath Makeover

Highlights include a frosted glass panel between the toilet and the shower to keep the areas separate, but private and feeling spacious.  Some spa-like elements includes Brizio faucets and shower fixtures, Robern lift-up medicine cabinets, motion sensor under-cabinet lighting, and a wall-hung toilet.  A separate entrance from the office was incorporated to the bath to allow undisturbed entrance and exiting to accommodate the owners’ conflicting schedules.


These clients were looking to have the look and feel of a five-star hotel in their home.  The results speak for themselves with not one, but 2 awards.  You can get a feel of the amazing results of this wonderful collaboration between a trusted design/build firm, a talented designer and amazing clients.  In order to achieve an award-winning design, it takes all three components working side by side with open communication.


Wall mounted toilet Cherry Hill, NJ multi-award winning design

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