Bathroom Decorating Mistakes to Avoid


Avoid common bathroom decorating mistakes

Cherry Hill, NJ Bathroom Remodel

Gabrielle Savole, Tribune News Service

A spacious, well-organized bathroom is truly life-changing. A great bathroom should be visually pleasing, but most importantly, it should serve its purpose well: adequate storage for everything from bath products to towels, lighting that serves the tasks performed in a bathroom, and finishes that are resistant to humid environments. We talked with designers to find out about the biggest decorating mistakes they see in bathrooms and the clever soluti0ns they use.

Storage: Every designer agreed on one major mistake: not having enough storage. “You absolutely need as much storage as possible to ensure that your bathroom stays the most functional and uncluttered space,” says interior designer Tali Roth. “Medicine cabinets, although often harder to find attractive ones, are so, so useful for storing all those small items for everyday use. If you’re building from scratch, explore recessed wall cabinets and recessed shower shelves.”

Lighting: “There’s nothing worse than a poorly lit bathroom,” says Roth. “People often forget that they need multiple light sources and end up with a single dull sconce – which basically ensures you’ll leave the house with scary clown makeup. Try to incorporate both decorative and task lighting.” Designer Ohara Davies-Gaetano agrees: “So often the importance of lighting is overlooked when designing a bathroom,” she says. “It’s always preferred to make sure that a bathroom has a good source of natural light as well as strategically placed overhead and vanity light.”

Finishes: Roth pointed out how messy designs can become when going crazy with finishes and patterns. “In most circumstances, more than two finishes in a bathroom can look odd. Try to flow the materials in a digestible way – keep all the floor materials the same and change up the walls. If you want a statement pattern or color, use it on the floors or tile the inside of a recessed shelf instead of putting it everywhere.”

Electrical: For designer Jane Abercrombie, the single biggest mistake when designing a bathroom is to plan the electrical components too late. “Electrical planning needs to be done very early in the process,” she says. “For example, a hardwired makeup mirror is great mounted on the wall, but you need to remember this in the early phase.”

Tile: “A common mistake is using cool, decorative tile on their bathroom floors that aren’t made for getting wet, which can make it really easy to slip on,” say the designers at Studio Life Style. “This can be fixed by either making the: flooring slip-resistant which can be done with treatments, or making sure that the tile you choose is suitable for bathrooms.”

Personality: “People forget that bathrooms can have personality just like any other room in your house,” the designers at Massucco Warner Miller told us. “Add a fun and unexpected light fixture, chic art or even, wallpaper. Bathrooms are typically smaller spaces so it doesn’t take much to really spice them up and make them cohesive with the decor of the rest of the house.”

Humidity: The designers at Studio Life Style say to apply caution with the use of wallpaper: “We love using wallpaper in all the bathrooms we design, but the biggest thing we always keep in mind is that the wallpaper needs to either be made for bathrooms (like a vinyl, for example), or the backsplash needs to be high enough so that the wallpaper won’t get damaged.”

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