Homework in the Kitchen

It’s that time of year again.  Children are back in school, riding the bus, attending classes, and bringing home mountains of paperwork for you to sort through and homework for themselves.  With the smell of sharpened pencils and crayola crayons in the air, your kitchen counter and dining table may start to resemble a cluttered classroom – and not in the good way.  Let’s face it, if you are like many families at the end of the school and work day you end up in the kitchen making dinner while your kids do school work, asking for your help with a math problem or sounding out a particularly hard word from time to time.  The evening gatherings are great family time, but it can also be cluttered, messy and crazy as you try to prepare dinner with their paperwork and pencils on the same island counter top as your spaghetti pot.

At Cipriani Remodeling Solutions  we get it.  Our team of experts have worked with New Jersey families for years to create design solutions that make it easier for families to work, live and play together.  One way to address the family evening rush of dinner and homework competing for kitchen space is to install a work area in the kitchen.  By meeting with homeowners and evaluating the current kitchen space, we are able to determine where best to place a desk with storage and shelving so that children and grownups have an area to complete assignments, fill out field trip forms, pay bills, and have an area to store the paperwork when you are done.  This way families can be in the same room together without bumping into each other.  Moms and Dads can help kids with math homework, while making dinner, and everyone has their set place.

Sometimes it is the simplest solutions that make the biggest impact.  Carefully installing work stations can be incorporated into a kitchen remodel or approached as a stand alone project.  Larger families may want several workstations built into the kitchen or adjacent to it.  Whatever your needs, at Cipriani we are your resource for home remodeling solutions and we make it our priority to exceed your expectations.

~Bethany Wood