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Choosing the Right Backsplash Material for Your Kitchen

Backsplashes serve both functional and aesthetic purposes. Installed behind the stove and sink, this tiled area protects the kitchen walls from stains and splashes. However, homeowners also have an opportunity in the backsplash to add some flair to their kitchen. From bright and colorful to sleek and metallic, the options are virtually limitless. 

Questions to Ask Before Starting Your Home Addition Project

A home addition project doesn’t always guarantee an increase in your home’s value. That’s why you should take your time thinking about the purpose of the project and the benefits it will provide. In today’s post, Cipriani Remodeling Solutions, one of the most trusted home remodeling companies in the area, shares three questions you should ask yourself […]

Guide to Bathroom Sinks: 6 Popular Sink Styles

One of the most important elements of a bathroom remodel is the sink. The right sink can greatly enhance the functionality of the bathroom, while also acting as a stunning focal point in the space. In this blog, bathroom and kitchen remodeling contractor Cipriani Remodeling Solutions discusses popular sink styles.