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We are the company for inspired home improvement and home additions in South Jersey. The decision to remodel or add a room to your home can be a difficult, complex and emotional one for you. It’s a combination of excitement to finally get a home of your dreams, and the stress of your home life getting disrupted. Knowing this, we will do our best for you to make this the safest, fastest, highest-quality and most stress-free experience you can have. You’ll benefit from our 40 years of inspired designs and process-driven project management experience. We call this:

The Cipriani Way

– Improving Home Improvement –

You benefit by having the problems removed with your home improvement project – cost overruns, project delays and all the stress. Here’s how we improve home improvement:

– Save Money –

You can save money using a design/build firm for the right projects. Rather than hiring an architect then a builder, we do both the design and the building. When you use an independent architect there can be a disconnect between your design and your budget. Architects may create plans for your design but not your building budget since they are not builders. This happens quite often with our clients that first used an architect. Since we do both the design and the building, we are very focused on getting your design within your budget. Many projects don’t require an architect and if you do need one, we take care of that for you.

– Perfect Design –

Your perfect design is discovered by offering design services that take your ideas and turn them into reality. Our design services are renowned throughout South Jersey. The most advanced software is used to show you 3D models to make sure everything is perfect before any construction work begins. We provide outside-the-box solutions and take on design challenges other contractors deem impossible. No matter what you want from your addition or new space, we will make it happen. Room additions should be designed and built to look like they flow with the rest of your space, they shouldn’t look like an after-thought. It should be seamless, even though the room addition may have been added decades after the original home was built. Our award-winning designers have been doing this for years for our customers.

Marlton Home Addition Remodel - family room

– Obsessed With Perfection –

You get builders who are OBSESSED with perfection. Only master craftsmen are on our teams, professionals who are truly passionate about their craft, truly invested in the results they produce, and truly care about your project. We invest in our team, with training, technology, tools and treating them like family. We want to keep them happy because they produce amazing work. Not only do they do fantastic work, they also create a pleasant, fun, comfortable experience for you throughout construction.

Cipriani Project Management Team

– Stress-Free –

How can building an addition or doing a whole-house or multi-room remodeling project be stress-free? We eliminate stress by:

  • Being Process Driven – Our projects are not haphazard, they are well-run and highly organized. You’ll feel confident because we are.
  • Inspired Designs – You get a design BETTER than you imagined. We listen carefully to you to create a perfect plan for your home and lifestyle.
  • Personal Touch Service – We are with you through the whole project, from design through final inspection. You’ve never on your own.
  • Detailed Documents – You know exactly what you are getting with us. Nothing is vague or in question.
  • Posted Scheduling – You know exactly what’s taking place and when it’s happening with a posted job schedule in your home.
  • Safe-Pay – You only pay a 2% design fee up front, which goes toward your project. Pay as the project is completed, never pay up front.
  • Final Inspection – Rest easy knowing the most detail-oriented owner in the business will be personally inspecting your job. He will find things you never notice.

The Cipriani Way 5 steps

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