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4.9 out of 5 stars
  • Exterior Renovation - Mt. Laurel

    By A. Trust (04 Jun 2018 12:59 pm)

  • Whole House Remodeling - Haddonfield

    By Anonymous (16 May 2018 07:23 pm)

    This company provides excellent quality craftsmanship and sticks to the agreed upon timetable. Highly recommend. They knew how to solve problems that came up as with most large renovations. They knew how to solve the problems instead of griping about the problem. They were problem solvers. It wasn't just put upon the homeowner.

  • Interior Renovation - Pennsauken

    By Dawn Yost (25 Apr 2018 07:26 pm)

    Cipriani Remodeling Solutions combines quality craftsmanship and professional project management to deliver impressive, yet practical solutions. Cipriani's did not fall short in any area. I was most satisfied with Ray Adlrich's project management and communication skills. Equally satisfied with Matt Slingerland's design and communication skills. This is the second time I have hired Cipriani Remodeling Solutions and I was delighted with the results. I know I can count on them to get a job done correctly, on time, and within budget.

  • Bathroom Remodel - Monroeville

    By Anonymous (25 Apr 2018 07:04 pm)

    I'm very happy with the way my bathroom came out, Chris was great.

  • Kitchen Remodeling - Pine Hill

    By Ken & Helen E (16 Apr 2018 07:30 pm)

    I think that they were very professional and worked well with each other. I was most satisfied with being able to have a choice of materials and what was going to be installed.

  • Kitchen Remodeling - Atco

    By Renee S (05 Apr 2018 07:32 pm)

    I was really happy to finally get the kitchen of my dreams. Cipriani Remodeling did not disappoint me. The final cost came in a little high, which I believe was due to the products I picked out such as higher end cabinets and backsplash tile. But, once I picked them out, I loved them and the way everything tied together. I did not want to pick out new lower cost products. In the end, I was thrilled with the final project. My project manager was very detail oriented, making sure everything was perfect.

  • Kitchen Remodel - Merchantville

    By Denise & Nina (22 Mar 2018 07:34 pm)

    Cipriani Remodeling Solutions is a very reputable company. The owner, Jay Cipriani is a man of his word and stands behind his work. This is hard to find in today's world! His company's #1 goal is to make their customers happy and satisfied with the finished project. Ours took longer than expected but the wait was definitely worth it! There were days when only one person was here and it seemed like more could have gotten done. Fridays were usually shorter days. Replacement parts/cabinets sometimes took forever to get. The hall bathroom shower install was miscalculated which really extended the length of the project by months. Working with Melissa was an invaluable experience. She made something that seemed impossible, at first, a reality. We would not be recommending Cipriani to our friends if we did not approve of their work and know that they stand behind it.

    Denise & Nina, Thank you for your response and kind words. We know the project took longer than you wanted, but we're glad everything turned out great for you! We also want to thank you for the many referrals you have sent us so far. You are awesome - thanks!

  • Kitchen Remodel - Merchantville

    By Roseann & Bill Sewter (22 Mar 2018 07:34 pm)

    Cipriani Remodeling Solutions is a very reputable company. The owner, Jay Cipriani is a man of his word and stands behind his work. This is hard to find in today's world! His company's #1 goal is to make their customers happy and satisfied with the finished project. Ours took longer than expected but the wait was definitely worth it! There were days when only one person was here and it seemed like more could have gotten done. Fridays were usually shorter days. Replacement parts/cabinets sometimes took forever to get. The hall bathroom shower install was miscalculated which really extended the length of the project by months. Working with Melissa was an invaluable experience. She made something that seemed impossible, at first, a reality. We would not be recommending Cipriani to our friends if we did not approve of their work and know that they stand behind it.


  • Kitchen Remodel - Westampton

    By Wanda Smith (12 Mar 2018 07:43 pm)

    The schedule was ambitious and holidays also came into play -- we were off by a week or 2, but the timing was still good. I am so happy with my new kitchen. The Cipriani Remodeling Solutions team is professional, knowledgeable and honest. I would trust them with any future projects. I'm most satisfied with their Customer Service, Final Product & Cleanliness.

  • Kitchen Remodel - Barrington

    By Bob & Diane P (05 Mar 2018 07:46 pm)

    They were professional, courteous, neat and showed up every day! Can’t think of a thing to improve. They addressed any concerns we had and always asked for our opinion if any changes were needed.

  • Bathroom remodel - Paulsboro

    By James & Loretta Savidge (28 Feb 2018 05:01 pm)

    We were very satisfied with the quality of the work and the workmanship. The project manager was great. I am most satisfied with the quality of the workmanship and the personalities of everyone that worked here. They were also very clean.

  • Bathroom Remodeling - Pitman

    By David & Nancy Dresh (28 Feb 2018 05:00 pm)

    We can not say enough good things about Melissa and Chris. Melissa helped us find everything so we could have the bathroom of our dreams. It took us over 30 years to get around to the bathroom, now it is like staying in a 5 star hotel. Chris was great to work with. He explained everything and answered all our questions. We would tell everyone to request Melissa and Chris . Great experience from start to finish. We were most satisfied with Melissa's guiding without pushing and Chris answering questions and concerns.

  • Interior renovation - Voorhees

    By George & Joanne Muller (27 Feb 2018 06:23 pm)

    I'm very happy with everything... There are no areas for improvement... it was all good, thank you. I'm most satisfied with the design development. I've known Cipriani for 30 years...excellent reputation

  • Kitchen remodel - Wenonah

    By John & Dorothy Byrne (27 Feb 2018 06:06 pm)

    Room for improvement in the development of pricing. I was most satisfied in their execution of the plan.

  • Kitchen remodel - Sewell

    By Nick Arena (27 Feb 2018 05:43 pm)

    I've stated my happiness with how well my home Cipriani remodeling project went with many out of conviction in living it and satisfaction with the results. I truly still to this day feel like I come home to a new home. And I must add, the kitchen design is so remarkable from storage, looks, and overall function. I enjoy cooking and entertaining much more than before. And my guests who witnessed the before and after of the entire project continue to praise the fine work and craftsmanship of how well this all came together. Many thanks again, from a very satisfied customer! From initial planning visits with Matt (salesman) through the finished project with the project manager (Zak), communication was fabulous in managing my expectations and overall satisfaction. Many thanks again to all at Cipriani. You have great workers representing your company that deserve the recognition behind your success. I'm in sales, so the fine attention you provide in managing a customer's expectations should never be overlooked. As a salesman, I want to be sold, and I was. You met my expectations quite nicely! Nick Arena

  • Bathroom Remodeling - Gloucester Twp

    By Joe & Terri B. (22 Dec 2017 02:11 pm)

    Claire and Chris were great to work with. The craftsmen used were very professional and respectful of the property. We are most pleased. We have shown several neighbors the completed bathroom and told them how happy we were.

  • Kitchen remodel - Williamstown

    By Mike & Mary Ann Dech (21 Dec 2017 05:34 pm)

    My kitchen was a disaster and now its beautiful. I had informed them that the paint of the cabinets were cracking and no one has came out to address it. I would like to use them again and have the problem corrected. I am very satisfied.

    Mary Ann - we are on it! Thanks for the great review. We will be out soon to take care of everything.

  • Kitchen Remodeling - West Deptford

    By Joann S (21 Dec 2017 02:11 pm)

    Our kitchen is fantastic, we are still smiling. One recommendation to improve would be an indication of a start time as soon as possible would be helpful.

  • Bathroom Remodel - Thorofare

    By Ed and Joan Markman (08 Dec 2017 03:42 pm)

    We can't think of a thing to improve. The whole experience and project was everything we could have hoped for. Loved the outcome of the job, and really love everyone who worked on it.

  • Bathroom Remodel - Galloway

    By Theresa & Michael Dunford (06 Dec 2017 04:07 pm)

    Thinking of a deck and flooring project next

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Facebook API Error: {"ratings":{"data":[{"created_time":"2018-10-19T13:26:05+0000","recommendation_type":"positive","review_text":"We had a total kitchen remodel and couldn`t be happier with the finished product. The most professional, quality orientated contractor I have ever dealt with . I HIGHLY recommend Cipriani Remodeling to anyone looking for QUALITY workmanship","reviewer":{"name":"Mitch Blackman","id":"10213405259385314"}},{"created_time":"2018-08-28T12:27:16+0000","recommendation_type":"positive","review_text":"They remodeled my kitchen & powder room and I am so pleased. Matt Slingerland, design consultant, advised us all throughout the selection and design process. Jake Moon, project manager, oversaw the whole remodeling and was very meticulous and patient. Everyone was polite, punctual and professional.","reviewer":{"name":"Malou Luna","id":"10155967613268507"}},{"created_time":"2018-01-15T20:25:44+0000","recommendation_type":"positive","rating":5,"reviewer":{"name":"William Svitak","id":"561798594189946"}},{"created_time":"2017-12-12T14:21:52+0000","recommendation_type":"positive","rating":5,"reviewer":{"name":"Pat Dougan","id":"2294535507230123"}},{"created_time":"2017-10-14T15:01:36+0000","recommendation_type":"positive","review_text":"I have used Cipriani Contractors for a couple of projects. Most recently, I had them install new siding on my house. Their project manager, Matt, was awesome. Really a great collaborator. The team was on time, professional and cleaned up each day. I would highly recommend them for any project. You get what you pay for. I got the best!","rating":5,"reviewer":{"name":"Theresa M. D'Alesandro","id":"10211686995035663"}},{"created_time":"2017-10-03T11:50:22+0000","recommendation_type":"positive","review_text":"We have been using Cipriani Remodeling Solutions since the 1990's on over 10 projects in our home, always satisfied with their work and work ethics. Completely put our trust in them as every remodeling project has been beyond expectations. They always go out of their way to make sure we are completely satisfied. Such a professional company in every way.","rating":5,"reviewer":{"name":"Candy Specht Koenig","id":"10215584989288318"}},{"created_time":"2017-09-24T19:40:14+0000","recommendation_type":"positive","rating":5,"reviewer":{"name":"Susan Kennedy Hutchinson","id":"10211028811937659"}},{"created_time":"2017-08-25T22:04:08+0000","recommendation_type":"positive","rating":5,"reviewer":{"name":"Carol Lotstein Gartzman Gooberman","id":"10204146195373174"}},{"created_time":"2017-07-11T12:44:26+0000","recommendation_type":"positive","review_text":"Cipriani Remodeling Solutions are experts in project management. They take you through step by step, from the initial design process to final township building inspection approval. Their craftsmanship is top-notch. You can rely on them to perform work in a highly professional manner. Would gladly do business with them again.","rating":5,"reviewer":{"name":"Dawn Yost","id":"2088432951390385"}},{"created_time":"2017-02-14T02:32:43+0000","recommendation_type":"positive","review_text":"Cipriani Remodeling Solutions has amazing designers and knows how to take care of their clients using true craftsmen for building and with great customer service. Their professionalism and attention to detail are what set them apart - highly recommended!","rating":5,"reviewer":{"name":"Bob Buchan","id":"10154512172712514"}},{"created_time":"2017-01-07T02:19:46+0000","recommendation_type":"positive","review_text":"We just had our bathroom remodeled. The group did a great job -- fast, clean and very courteous. We love it!!!","rating":5,"reviewer":{"name":"Chad Hall","id":"1221740344575889"}},{"created_time":"2016-12-30T14:16:01+0000","recommendation_type":"positive","rating":5,"reviewer":{"name":"Melissa Molloy Jackson","id":"10211432199858047"}},{"created_time":"2016-12-30T14:15:47+0000","recommendation_type":"positive","rating":5,"reviewer":{"name":"Amy Moran McCay","id":"10155596321738942"}},{"created_time":"2016-12-30T14:14:22+0000","recommendation_type":"positive","rating":5,"reviewer":{"name":"Melissa Nicolosi Gasparovic","id":"10211868553617943"}},{"created_time":"2016-12-30T14:11:13+0000","recommendation_type":"positive","rating":5,"reviewer":{"name":"Lori Fleig Mertz","id":"10209146912562727"}},{"created_time":"2016-06-03T19:26:36+0000","recommendation_type":"positive","rating":5,"reviewer":{"name":"Dakota Dakota","id":"411410465950042"}},{"created_time":"2016-05-12T00:44:53+0000","recommendation_type":"positive","review_text":"They made a confusing bathroom remodeling project a rewarding experience as we were guided through the project step by step from initial planning, to selection of materials. A very satisfying experience and love the end result.","rating":5,"reviewer":{"name":"Louis Surovick","id":"1673802455966654"}},{"created_time":"2016-05-11T16:01:44+0000","recommendation_type":"positive","review_text":"We had our bathroom remodeled 5 years ago. It was a great experience! They pretty much stayed on schedule and did an excellent job. I still love the work they did. Would definitely recommend them!","rating":5,"reviewer":{"name":"Cindy Richards","id":"10211555143098392"}},{"created_time":"2015-04-05T01:32:42+0000","recommendation_type":"positive","review_text":"Just about to start my 2nd project with Cipriani. They are the best!","rating":5,"reviewer":{"name":"Roberto Lombardi","id":"10209718480372546"}},{"created_time":"2015-01-03T18:30:25+0000","recommendation_type":"positive","rating":5,"reviewer":{"name":"Shane Collins","id":"1395834840428560"}},{"created_time":"2014-11-25T23:57:36+0000","recommendation_type":"positive","rating":5,"reviewer":{"name":"Shawn Mertz","id":"10202549466695960"}},{"created_time":"2013-10-16T04:00:14+0000","recommendation_type":"positive","rating":5,"reviewer":{"name":"Zombi FlowerPower","id":"10157963612685398"}},{"created_time":"2013-09-18T01:23:37+0000","recommendation_type":"positive","rating":5,"reviewer":{"name":"Diana Huber-Rhodes","id":"1400099010009194"}},{"created_time":"2013-09-16T15:43:56+0000","recommendation_type":"positive","rating":5,"reviewer":{"name":"Trista Colleen Jones","id":"10208614008571026"}},{"created_time":"2013-08-21T00:11:48+0000","recommendation_type":"positive","rating":4,"reviewer":{"name":"Jim Josephick","id":"1378901945475943"}}],"paging":{"cursors":{"after":"eyJpbl9wcm9ncmVzc2N1cnNvcl90eXBlIjoib3Blbl9ncmFwaF9hbmRfcGFnZAV9yZAWMiLCJsb2NhbF9yZAWNfcGF0dGVybl9jdXJzb3IiOiIiLCJyYXRpbmdfY3Vyc29yIjoiIiwib2ZAmbGluZAV9vZAmZAzZAXQiOi0xLCJvZA19wb3N0X2N1cnNvciI6IjEwMDAwMDY4NDUxNDcwNjoxMDE1MDA5NDg3NjgxMDAzMiJ9"},"next":"https:\/\/graph.facebook.com\/v2.12\/10150094876810032\/ratings?access_token=EAAVVPjFKgSEBAIrbYvyeyKS3OvOgKGQ6K68O4whlTbGZCy9Qz1CkKHmtV9aPn77Xq7nF54DsONRT6FAW0F23794eTAG1dJtDBX4ruR8nrvh75SXoZCDAKaME6kIX18jpbpWuPORihC9QCq6WJoRKOutZBUE5L4wHXMdM93KWhjNPChZCk2tG&limit=25&after=eyJpbl9wcm9ncmVzc2N1cnNvcl90eXBlIjoib3Blbl9ncmFwaF9hbmRfcGFnZAV9yZAWMiLCJsb2NhbF9yZAWNfcGF0dGVybl9jdXJzb3IiOiIiLCJyYXRpbmdfY3Vyc29yIjoiIiwib2ZAmbGluZAV9vZAmZAzZAXQiOi0xLCJvZA19wb3N0X2N1cnNvciI6IjEwMDAwMDY4NDUxNDcwNjoxMDE1MDA5NDg3NjgxMDAzMiJ9"}},"id":"10150094876810032"}
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Google Reviews

CaSeYf . SaVage
CaSeYf . SaVage
13:36 23 May 19
The work and the communication between team is so constant. These guys were awesome and their work is great. i highly recommended that type of team. if you need help with something that u don't know so u can get help from the team.This is super awesome service near NY awesome experience.
Kurt Garvey
Kurt Garvey
22:51 01 Feb 19
Review From 2/1/19: We had what we thought was going to be a major challenge relating to a basement wall repair. With their now close to 40 years of experience, Jay and the team at Cipriani Remodeling Solutions came up with an excellent solution that was both timely and cost effective. The end result provided the peace of mind we needed. TJ and Frank were excellent to work with and did a fantastic job! Cipriani really has the best folks working with them. They truly define and set the bar for customer service. Thank you for the excellent job by TJ, Frank and "Team Cipriani". Please feel free to use us for a reference! Review From August 2017-The folks at Cipriani did an exceptional job. They're professional, did everything they said they would do and went above and beyond our expectations. We highly recommend them!
Amy Swan
Amy Swan
17:44 23 Jan 19
We renovated our kitchen last year with Cipriani and they were fantastic. They provided a detailed plan for each week and followed it to the letter. The design work by Melissa Firth and the carpentry and general contractor work by TJ Taylor was top quality. The company stands by it's work and is there to address any questions or concerns you may have. I recommend them without reservation!
elizabeth cox
elizabeth cox
10:39 19 Jan 19
“I loved everyone I worked with. We love the product. It far surpassed our expectation. We would never use anyone except Cipriani going forward. Their clarity, their honesty. They were very up front, and trustworthy, clear communication.”
Dawn Yost
Dawn Yost
14:26 08 Nov 18
Somehow Cipriani Builders managed to make home improvements a delightful experience. The project manager, Ray, was a joy to work with. Ray is technically astute, an excellent and patient communicator, and has the managerial expertise to gracefully lead the project from start to finish without drama. I would hire them again without blinking an eye.
Timothy Nicoletti
Timothy Nicoletti
14:19 28 Sep 18
Nothing to complain about. Everything from start to finish was handled great. The stress was handled. Any time day or night they were available to work through any concerns and fix them as soon as possible. We felt like they treated our home as if it was their own. Sue did a fantastic job working through the design with us, and Nick did an excellent job bringing it to life. They did everything they could to stay within the budget we were comfortable with. Our new kitchen has made our house feel like a totally new home. It has brought our older house to life.
Brian Horne
Brian Horne
13:09 28 Sep 18
6 years ago I engaged Cipriani Builders to perform a major renovation and expansion of my ranch in Mullica Hill. They performed flawlessly, on time, and on budget. Jay and Cindy came up with some exotic and novel concepts which were incorporated into the job and we have had numerous exhalations about the design and craftsmanship. In the past year, we engaged them to design and build additional enhancements to our outdoor living spaces with equal success. They have photos of all the above. I HIGHLY recommend them for any project for which they believe qualified! Brian Horne
Jon Pearce
Jon Pearce
16:50 23 Jan 18
Excelling job. Planning and execution were thorough and the results are great. Cipriani has a wonderful team.
Christina Dessin
Christina Dessin
03:03 21 Jan 18
I got a estimate for a total bathroom gut ( approx 10x10), the estimate came in $$$$$$$$, I had 4 other companies( with good reviews) give me estimates that came in less then half of what Cipriani quoted us. If the company didn't want to do the job, they should have just told us instead of wasting our time.
12:34 27 Dec 17
Great company with great employees My wife and I had a great experience from the beginning. We had our kitchen remodeled and it came out great. Top notch work.
10:24 02 Dec 17
I was extremely satisfied with the professionalism, and quality of work that was done on my projects. Everyone involved was highly skilled in their job. It was a pleasure having them do the projects!
Nick Arena
Nick Arena
19:37 13 Oct 17
I had Cipriani Remodeling Solutions remodel my entire first floor (entire kitchen, hardwood floors throughout, powder room, laundry room, dining room, great room, foyer, and all woodwork to include crown molding. I am the original owner since 1992 so everything was builder's grade circa 1992. Needless to say, a much needed upgrade came with anxiety for the disruption a job this big could cause. But I can't be more happy with how well Matt (sales/designer) and I planned everything out selecting cabinets, countertops, backsplash, floors, woodwork, appliances, and colors. Thank you again Matt, you were awesome to work with! Upon starting the project, Zak my project manager triaged the entire project and installed to perfection, yes perfection, my finished product to which I come home to everyday and walk into a brand new home that gets such warming compliments from friends and family! Looking back I remain extremely impressed with the precision in planning to the finished product in exactness and workmanship. Zak was always ahead of schedule and I consider his craftsmanship second to none! I couldn't be happier and I sincerely and highly recommend Cipriani Remodeling Solutions for anyone looking to remodel their home! And I feel I made a few friends in all who worked on my project. Great people, kind and considerate in managing your expectations throughout the project. Thank you again!!!
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Houzz Reviews

Al Heavens

Alan J. Heavens has been the Philadelphia Inquirer’s most popular columnist writing on real estate and home improvements for more than 15 years. Homestuff, his column on home renovation, is syndicated to nearly 400 papers (including the Chicago Tribune, Washington Post, San Diego Tribune, Houston Chronicle, and Toronto Star) in the United States, Canada, Mexico, and Austrailia through the Knight Ridder wire service, and reaches millions of readers each week. He is a weekly columnist for the online Realty Times, a long-time board member for the National Association of Real Estate Editors, and a former “Gadgeteer” on the Discovery Channel’s Home Matters program.

Al Heavens Books

Renovating Your Home

Alan J. Heavens

Chapter 13 – The Perfect Match

Here’s a renovation story with a happy beginning, middle, and end, which is as rare as snow in San Diego.
What you are about to read is probably the gold standard. If you can come up with a renovation experience that even approaches this one, you’re doing very well. And if you’re a contractor, this, my friend, is the way you should do business.

Alex and Beth Cerrato survived a six-month renovation process that virtually doubled the size of their house, and they have no complaints. The project, a two-story addition to their 1,500 -square-foot house, cost just about what they’d paid for the place six years earlier. In return for their expenditure, they got the house they wanted that easily accommodates two adults and now two children, with the recent addition of another son. Alex and Beth are planning to remain in the house for 30 years. That was not their intention when they bought the house. They assumed that they would move to something larger sooner. But when they began looking, they could find nothing under $500,000, and all those houses also had three bedrooms and would need work, including central air conditioning.

What they wanted was more usable space. The kitchen was small and needed to be expanded. It had to be open to a family room, so Beth could keep an eye on the boys when she was cooking. They decided to get rid of the dining room in favor of an eat-in kitchen large enough to accommodate their families on holidays. They also made the family room open to their deck.

When the project was over, they had a master bedroom with a cathedral ceiling; a larger basement with an office for Alex; the kitchen, which opened into a family room that opened to a rebuilt deck; new siding; a new roof; larger storage areas; and a better looking front porch.

The project was massive, but what was notable about this job is how well Alex and Beth and their contractor “meshed”. Alex and Beth called five contractors. The one they hired was recommended by their next-door neighbor. The contractor they chose wowed the couple from that first meeting. He was detail oriented, assured them without hesitation they could have what they wanted and even suggested trade-offs.

Instead of hiring an architect for $5,000 – $7,000, they were provided with one by the contractor who did the job for $3,000. But even before the plans were on the drawing board, Alex and Beth had to receive a formal education from the contractor. “There was an enormous amount of preliminary work before we even paid a penny,” Alex said. Alex and Beth went to the contractor’s office. The first session focused on architectural plans, another meeting was about windows, and another on lighting. There was a meeting with a molding specialist to talk about how to match existing molding and new. As their education progressed, plans and materials began to be firmed up, and a price began to be developed.

Other contractors they’d talk to had given them a price per square foot, without even coming into the house. “as we went on, the final price started getting locked in,” Alex said. “When we were finished, the contractor said, ‘This is the price, and you will not be paying any more.'”

He was a man of his word.

When, during the course of renovation, asbestos was discovered in the ductwork, the contractor assumed the cost of removal, because, he said, he should have been aware of it from the outset of the job.

The contractor provided the couple with a list of 100 references and urged them to call. He also drove them to see a couple houses he had recently completed where they could talk to the owners, and he provided them with a 12-page manual outlining procedures and even the basics of remodeling.

Alex and Beth didn’t begin paying until the work began, and then wrote a check each Friday for the work that had been completed that week as specified in the contract. The contract also specified a 100 percent, three-year warranty, but from what the couple heard from other customers, the contractor usually will come out after three years.

Then, there’s the list of things that must be fixed before the job is completed according to the terms of the contract, also known as the punch list.

“Where most builders try to keep the punch list small, the contractor came out and made a list of 20 to 25 minuscule things that his crew spent two or three more days to fix.” Alex said.

Alex and Beth remain enamored of the contractor and his crew, whom they would recommend to others and would use again.

Remodeling on the Money

Alan J. Heavens

The Cerratos’ contractor, Jay Cipriani, is not the typical remodeling contractor.  As the contractor in “The Perfect Match,” and as someone who averages 100 remodeling jobs a year, Jay Cipriani is probably the best source for what to look for when you hire a professional to spend months in your house and to whom you will be handing over great quantities of money to pay for that work.

The first question you should ask is how long the contractor has been in business. Try to find one who has been in business for at least 10 years because, according to Jay, “95 percent of all contractors go out of business in 3 to 5 years,” and you need a longer guarantee than that on the work. The selection process should also include checking references to make sure they are specific and legitimate, not simply lip service paid by someone who could be the contractor’s friend or relative. A lot of homeowners will try to get past the bad experiences once the remodeling job is complete, but you need to know if the contractor kept to the schedule, if it started on time and was finished on time, and, if not, why.

Did the contractor stay within budget? Are there any complaints against the contractor that have been lodged with the local better business bureau or the state consumer affairs department? Where does the contractor do banking? From what sources does the contractor obtain materials? Check with the local building inspector for recommendations or, if the official will not offer any suggestions, find out if there are contractors the inspector recommends not working with. They aren’t really supposed to be offering choices, but Jay suggests that if you take them aside and ask them, the building officials usually will be upfront with you. If the contractor has nothing to hide, they will be completely upfront about everyting. The contractor who does all thing is the one with whom you’ll feel safe and comfortable.

Emilie Simon Stevens

“Quite simply, I wouldn’t go anywhere else for a contractor”

Simon & Emilie Stevens

Picking a contractor to rebuild our dream home is probably one of the hardest things I have ever done. BEFORE I picked Cipriani to do our work we had more than 10 contractors come and give us quotes on our major project. They differed quite significantly in cost to the point that it was confusing. We ended up picking the one who looked the best and gave a decent price, only to be thoroughly let down.

We lost $$$ to a contractor who wasn’t even on time for our initial meetings. I got so frustrated that I made the decision not to continue with that company and started looking in much more detail about what we were doing. That led me to Cipriani Builders and the best choice I think I could have possibly made. They have been outstanding on a level that I simply did not think was possible with all of the stories I had heard about the construction industry. I learned to pay attention to the quotes, the professionalism of the people, and most importantly for the final cost the details of what were and were not included.

My initial quote from Cipriani builders was significantly more expensive than any of the others I had. This made me nervous but as I went through it and compared them (I am an engineer so like to look at the details) it was obvious that Cipriani’s quote included absolutely EVERYTHING and the price they showed me would be the price I paid for the job I wanted (barring any scary unforeseen surprises.)

When I looked at the quotes from other companies they were missing the details or materials and I would be expected to pay for those items separately. Also when I looked at the allowances in some of the other quotes they weren’t realistic about the prices for materials I had already been looking for like hardwood flooring and tiling. So I chose Cipriani. They gave me a very good (fast) timeline for the project and I was worried it could be done on the schedule. It turned out that they were on schedule or ahead of it for the whole project.

An extremely valuable added benefit of working with Cipriani was Cindy Cipriani who really helped us with the interior design of our house. Her help in the vision and materials selection has left us with our dream house that drops people’s jaws when they walk in and get a tour. It was a huge value that was included in the overall cost of the project.

The crew of people that worked on our property was always thoughtful and gracious. It actually got to the point that when they finished and left we were sad to see them go and actually missed them after they had left!

In the 2+ years since the work was done, we have had two small issues. One where a light fixture had condensation coming from it. Cipriani was there within days and fixed it with the addition of special insulation and it hasn’t been an issue since. We also had a door that needed adjusting slightly and they were there the same day to fix it. The quality of their work has been outstanding and their response to help fix even the smallest of issues has been impressive. They stand by their work.

Quite simply I wouldn’t go anywhere else for a contractor. We have already had them back to do more work for us with a roof on our barn, and if we do any more work they will be the ONLY company we call to come and do it. An outstanding company and excellent value for the money we paid. I can’t recommend them enough and do recommend them personally to all of our friends.

If you are nervous about picking the right contractor and spending a large sum of money picking Cipriani is the right decision. Whatever my next project is, I already know that Cipriani builders will be the contractors doing it for me.