Relax and rejuvenate in your spa like bathroom.

Everyone loves going to the spa. When you enter the spa with the soft soothing music playing, aroma therapy greeting you with lovely scents, the sound of a trickling waterfall, soothing colors and hot tea to sip – the stress of the day begins to melt away and relaxation takes over.  Life is so busy that these moments away become events to look forward to and help you feel centered again.

The challenge is finding the time on a regular basis to leave your hectic schedule and make a spa appointment.  Remodeling your bathroom to incorporate spa like elements can be a good and practical solution.  Taking cues from top of the line spas, at Cipriani Remodeling Solutions we are able to take a bathroom from boring to elegant and relaxing.



Here are some ways we can transform your bathroom:

  1. Tile Surround:  Spa showers typically are finished with detailed tiling that provides a custom look with a grounded, earthly feel.  We can replicate this in your bathroom with our skilled tile experts.
  2. Space:  By building a custom tile shower we can make it as large as you like.  For people that want room to move around or are tired of squeezing into a small space this simple change can make the bathroom more relaxing.
  3. Built In Features:  When creating your custom tile shower we can build in areas to hold luxurious shampoos and body washes along with fun features like a pedestals to rest your foot while shaving your legs.  Now you can keep your favorite aroma therapies at your fingertips.
  4. Rain Shower:  We can install special shower heads to recreate the shower experience at your favorite spa.  From rain shower heads to placing multiple ones throughout, we can customize your experience based on your preference and need.
  5. Soothing Colors:  Spa’s have soothing color pallets and often incorporate custom finishes.  We can customize your look with fun finishes like Tuscan or other various textures.
  6. Storage:  Part of the reason spa’s are so relaxing is because everything is hidden from view other than the essentials you are using in the moment.  This creates a relaxing, uncluttered environment.  By providing custom storage solutions your bathroom can become a blank canvas that is soothing rather than over cluttered.
  7. Lighting:  Using recessed lighting, wall sconces and other unique solutions can change the feel of the room.  By adding dimmers you can increase the lighting when it is time to do makeup or hair – the rest of the time soft lighting can provide a relaxing backdrop to your new bathroom spa experience.

These are just some of the many ways Cipriani Remodeling Solutions in South Jersey can complete your next bathroom remodel to make the space not only practical but relaxing and spa like.  For busy homeowners that cannot attend the spa every week this solution lets you attend the spa every day.

~Bethany Wood