Who says the house has to have all of the fun?  A garage is for more than storing cars and last year’s Christmas decorations.  Your garage can be practical, functional, a man cave, mother in law suite, studio and more.  With creativity, and the right contractor, your garage can become an extension of your home.  You can easily have more living space by remodeling this previously underutilized structure.


Before you remodel your garage think about who is going to use it the most.  The garage should be a space that incorporates whimsy.  It’s location away from the main house makes it the right spot to use fun colors, new flooring ideas, and go a little crazy.  No matter who uses the garage there are certain things you should do first:


  • Insulation.  Make sure that your garage is warm in the winter and cool in the summer by insulating it.
  • Heating. A garage needs to be properly heated in order to be used during the cooler months.
  • Walls.  Finish the garage with walls and paint.  Exposed beams make a place feel less cozy and people are unlikely to want to hang out there.
  • Windows.  Every garage needs to have windows for natural light, and air, to come in without having to open the garage doors.
  • Bathroom.  A garage bathroom is convenient for the person working out there and for people that are playing in the backyard.



Here are our ideas based on who the new garage spot is for:




The garage is typically “Dad’s place”.  With tools on the wall it at times is the only real space Dad has.  With this in mind a garage remodel should make it a place where he can drink a beer with a friend while working on his latest project, without feeling like he is in a cold, dark garage.


  • Flooring.  Consider a high sheen cement flooring or a custom laminate tile floor to make his classic car collection stand out.
  • Kitchenette.  Have a kitchenette installed with a fridge, counter space, sink, and cupboards.  That way he can store cold drinks and snacks without coming back inside.
  • Television.  The big screen doesn’t have to be for inside only.  Have a television wall mounted in the garage so that he can catch the game while tinkering.




  • Storage.  Whether mom is using space in the garage for gardening or crafting, built in storage is essential.  The space will still be shared with cars and household tools so built in storage with an attached, and pretty, table will make it feel less like a traditional garage and more like a multipurpose space.
  • Flooring.  If you have a large garage, and are converting the back section, consider installing wood or tile flooring in that area for a more finished feel.
  • Barn Door.  You can create separation between the spaces with a barn door installed on a track system.  Since the doors are so wide you can easily get things in and out, while being able to close them for privacy.




  • Garage Apartment.  A contractor can build a garage apartment that the grandparents, grown up children, or guests can enjoy.  By building an apartment on top of the existing garage the project can go faster than building one from scratch and won’t take up any additional lawn space.  A separate entrance is preferred for privacy and to complete the finished look.


At Cipriani Remodeling Solutions we can turn your garage into a fun place to work and hang out.  Simple remodeling solutions can make this a comfortable place that everyone can enjoy.  Contact us today to learn how we can turn your ideas into a reality.