I remember as a child gathering all the magazines in the house I could find. I would lie on the floor and look through them for hours. I would plan, draw and design spaces, anything from Tree-houses to travel trailers. As I grew into my career as a designer, I had an enormous collection of favorite pages torn from magazines carefully organized in special binders. Then, my friends, the age of Pinterest and Houzz were born. I can still “tear out all those pages” but just in a different way. They are digital. In this article I’ll get you up to speed on the basics for Houzz and how it is of great benefit to you for your home.

What the Houzz?  It is pronounced just like house. It’s just a creative spin on the spelling for house. You can find it at Houzz.com. The creators of this site started out as homeowners who had done a renovation. They did exactly what I had done for years, collected pages from magazines. This is where the idea was born in 2009. Today, Houzz has tens of millions of users and an endless supply of imagery for all design styles. It is completely free to use.

Step one of becoming a Houzzer. Simply create an account here. Create a user name and password, then just start searching. You can type in anything you are looking for related to a home. For example, you can search white cabinetry, pools or paint designs.

Step two of earning Houzzer stripes. Create ideabooks and add to them. Let’s say you are planning a kitchen remodel, you can create an ideabook called my kitchen, the dream kitchen or ideas for the kitchen. You can create multiple idea books for the kitchen. These would be great ideabook titles, cabinet ideas for the kitchen or flooring ideas for the kitchen. Then when you find images that have something you love and would help to inspire your project, save the image to one of your ideabooks.

Screen Snapshot of our Pro Houzz profile ideabooks page. Ideabook- Soothing Retreats

Step three of becoming a whiz at using Houzz. Create many ideabooks. Think of it as a very detailed organizational system for your ideas. If you find a photo that has kitchen cabinet knobs that you love, but the rest of the kitchen isn’t your style, just save the image to your Cabinet Knobs ideabook. The more ideabooks you create, the easier it will be to find and communicate with your remodeling designer.

Some suggested idea books for a kitchen remodel:
Cabinetry Style- kitchen
Cabinetry Knobs/handles-kitchen
Flooring- kitchen
Paint colors- kitchen
Lighting- kitchen
Trim work- kitchen
Counter top- kitchen
Back splash- kitchen
Appliances- kitchen
Layouts for kitchen


You can repeat this process for any room of your home. Thinking of a bathroom project? Just use the same ideabook titles above but change to bathroom instead of kitchen.

The last tip for using Houzz for your next home project is to share your ideabooks with your remodeling designer. This can be done digitally. Simply use the email share feature or the collaborate feature.

One other really important feature for you as a homeowner to note is the ability for you to search top local professionals. You can see their 2014_BOH_ServiceLARGEwork, and read reviews. It is a great way to find who is at the top of their game in your local area. If you are interviewing a remodeler or contractor and he/she does not know about Houzz, run! Service providers can earn badges like this one.

At Cipriani Remodeling Solutions, we love Houzz. We tell all of our clients about it. Why? Because over the years we have discovered that it is very difficult and sometimes uncomfortable for clients to communicate about the design of their space. Utilizing a site like Houzz has given them a voice. When I we have a client that has and uses a Houzz account, we find they are able to share their hopes and dreams for their home much more on point. It makes for a great project experience. Communication is everything and when clients have the right tools to communicate it is so helpful in facilitating ideas and inspiration. You can see our Houzz profile here. We update our profile regularly, so “follow” us once you sign up.
For more information, or to get a more personalized look at our portfolio, contact Cipriani Remodeling Solutions at info@ciprianibuilders.com or 856.853.8398. www.CiprianiRemodelingSolutions.com