Nature has a funny way of utilizing color. Take for example the pink flamingo. Flamingos are usually pink, white, orange or a unique combination of all three of these colors. Have you ever wondered why the flamingos are pink? It has to do with what they eat. Their diet consists mainly of shrimp, algae and crustaceans which are organisms. These organisms are high in pigments called carotenoids. These carotenoids also cause the shrimp to turn gray when they are boiled.


The reason, well, it has to do with chemistry. The enzymes in their liver breaks down the carotenoids into the pigment molecules that eventually become deposited in the feathers and other body parts. Young flamingos actually have gray plums, as they grow and their diet changes, their color adapts. Flamingos in captivity are feed a special diet that includes specific foods to maintain the color that they would achieve if they were in the wild. If they were not feed this diet in captivity they would be white or very pale pink.

So how do humans keep from not becoming different shades of the rainbow when we eat, say salad? Well, typically humans are not eating enough of any one particular food to cause our color to change. Carrots and watermelons are foods rich in carotenoids that could change your skin color. How many would you have to consume is the real question.
Learning about how nature directly affects color gives us a wealth of understanding when choosing colors for our wardrobe or our home. Take the cue from the flamingos; if you want to love the colors in your home, then we should use things from our environment that we love. Love flamingos? Here is a palette that would surely be striking in any room. Another great tip would be to use one of the first 2 colors for the walls and use the remaining colors in accessories. If you are afraid of the darker 2 colors, then use them in only one or two specific pieces. A pillow would work great for sprinkling in vibrant hues.

Cipriani Remodeling Solutions is delighted to share news of our ADA Compliant Ramps project.  The following is the press release announcing the news from the Gloucester County Habitat for Humanity.

Gloucester County Habitat for Humanity (GCHFH) is proud to announce the partnerships between the Gloucester County Board of Chosen Freeholders, Cipriani Remodeling Solutions, and The Home Depot to build ADA compliant access ramps throughout Gloucester County.
These exterior entrance ramps will be constructed to assist those having difficulty with their regular stairs. “The idea started when I received a phone call from the county, explaining the need for the ramps throughout the community,” says Tony Isabella, Executive Director of GCHFH.
The county is projecting the need for 15 to 20 ramps a year to be built throughout the community. GCHFH would additionally like to build a few extra ramps for disabled veterans to support our veteran build initiative.
“A few simple ideas, a gathering of people, and community minded individuals is all it takes to create change” said Jay Cipriani, president of Cipriani Remodeling Solutions. “Coming together to make life just a little easier for someone who is in need, is what this partnership is all about” he later added.
The process of building the ramps will begin with the county identifying a home with the need for a ramp. Cipriani, GCHFH, and The Home Depot will then work together to create plans, schedule volunteers, and gather the necessary materials, as each ramp will be different from the next.
Gloucester County Freeholder Jim Jefferson, Liaison to Disability Services said, “The ability to help keep a family together through the act of building an access ramp seems like a simple task, but the cost and coordination can be prohibitive. Gloucester County is proud to join with our community partners to help make ADA ramps a reality for our residents.”
“Giving back is a core value at The Home Depot,” said Corey Lilliston, district manager at The Home Depot. “Team Depot, our associate-led volunteer force, is made up of thousands of Home Depot associates who dedicate their days off to giving back to local communities across the country. We are excited about this opportunity to positively impact the lives of those in our community.”
If you are in need of an access ramp at your home, please contact The Gloucester County Planning Division, Office of Housing & Community Development at 856-307-6664 or the Gloucester County Habitat for Humanity at 856-256-9400.

Tony Isabella, Executive Director
Gloucester County Habitat for Humanity
Daniel Sulpizio, Board President
Gloucester County Habitat for Humanity

For more information, please contact Tammy Collins, Marketing Director at Cipriani Remodeling Solutions, 856-853-8398



Melissa Firth Joins the Award-Winning Design Build Firm of Cipriani Remodeling Solutions with Talent and Design Running Through her Blood.


Cipriani Remodeling Solutions of Woodbury, NJ specializes in providing a unique renovation experience and has been winning accolades in the industry for almost 40 years. Cipriani Remodeling Solutions announces the newest addition to their team of award-winning designers, Melissa Firth. Melissa is the daughter of Howard Firth a multi-award-winning accomplished designer in Sarasota Florida. As a young child, Melissa followed her fathers every move. She would be seen shadowing behind him with fabrics swatches, wood chips and various other samples that were larger than her. Following in his footsteps, Melissa took every possible art and design related activity available. While her friends were out playing sports, Melissa would be found with creative juices flowing in a studio happy as could be. At the age of 12, she built a 3 dimensional home model out of foam board. Melissa continued this passion throughout her young adult years while obtaining her Bachelors of Fine Arts degree from Ringling College of Art and Design.
In this Remodeling Designer position with Cipriani, Melissa will guide clients through the company’s unique Ten Step Renovation Process, including initial consultation, design, product selection with personalized shopping, obtaining permits, pre-construction, construction, inspections and final walk-thru. Prior to Cipriani Remodeling Solutions, Melissa was a Manager for Avalon Carpet and Tile in Cherry Hill. Melissa was able to utilize her love of design, project management skills, and client service techniques while working in the industry she so loves. Even though Melissa was accomplished and cherished by her peers at Avalon, she still felt the need to exercise her talents. As a result, Melissa has decided to represent the leading remodeling firm in Southern NJ, Cipriani Remodeling Solutions.



Melissa is excited to start the next chapter in her career at Cipriani and had this to say, “Design is in my blood, literally. I eat, sleep, and breathe design for my clients. My passion is helping them turn a house into a home. For me, a home is where memories are built and should reflect the heart and soul of a family. Cipriani Remodeling Solutions was my first and only choice to partner with to exceed client expectations.”
For more information about Melissa Firth, visit
Cipriani Remodeling Solutions specializes in a complete renovation experience. Cipriani’s unique Ten Step Process gently and thoughtfully guides clients through the entire renovation experience from initial concept to the quality control visit with the utmost of care and consideration. The company’s client satisfaction rating is an average of 9.8 on scale of 1-10 with ten being the ultimate goal. Their work includes master suites, in-law Suites, kitchen additions, luxury spa retreats and lifestyle home enhancements. With nearly 40 years of experience Cipriani’s design build experts have been artfully assisting clients with one of the most life changing events in home ownership. Their passion and commitment to developing spaces that truly impact the health of a family shows in everything the company touches. Cipriani’s commitment shows in their extended warranty and lifetime service guarantee program. The company holds over 100 design awards.
If you would like to learn more about Cipriani Remodeling Solutions or to schedule an interview with Jay Cipriani or Tammy Collins, please contact Kathy Jacquot at 856.853.8398 or email Kathy at or Tammy at .


Remodelers Provide Five Key Elements to Home Renovation

1. Customer Service
Knowledgeable home remodelers understand that they are providing a service, not a one-size-fits-all product. Just as every home owner is an individual, each home is also unique. A professional remodeler knows how to create customized solutions for the residents and provide continuing customer support.

2. Business Management and Integrity
Running a business well is part of the responsibilities of a professional remodeler. This includes having systems for the business, writing clear contracts, having insurance, providing warranties, and more. Better business management means better service for home owners because they can rely on the remodeler to perform with integrity.

3. Experience
Do you know what to expect when you take that wall out? A professional remodeler understands the structure of a home and is prepared for surprises behind walls. They’ve developed expertise from performing home remodels, attending trainings, and are familiar with laws and regulation pertaining to home construction.

4. Longevity
Anyone may be able to purchase a truck and some tools, but only professional remodelers have the skills to remain in business for the long haul. By understanding the practice and business of home remodeling, these professionals can manage changes in the market and return to service your home for years to come. Use the remodelers you can trust to fix problems and keep a home in good health for the long term.

5. Creativity
Home remodeling frequently involves problem solving, such as maximizing existing space, strategically building additions, or navigating limited budgets. Professional remodelers can help home owners manage challenges and meet their needs while staying within the budget. Experience and skills help remodelers propose choices and solutions to satisfy their customers.Bring home the benefits of hiring a professional home remodeler for your renovation. Harness their skills and knowledge to create a more comfortable home.

With more than a million Americans spending approximately $116 billion annually on home improvement, the residential remodeling industry is the largest component of residential construction currently in this nation’s economy. More than ever during the year, the arrival of spring finds homeowners across the country inspired to invest in upgrading and updating their homes.

Cipriani Remodeling Solutions has been providing home renovation to Southern New Jersey residents for nearly 40 years. For more information or to schedule a free consultation, visit   or email us at

Throughout the month of May, the National Association of Home Builders Remodelers observes National Home Remodeling Month to focus attention on the importance of working with qualified professionals during remodels.For more tips on planning a home remodel or hiring a professional remodeler, visit or contact The Builders League of South Jersey, 114 Haddontowne Court,Cherry Hill, NJ 08034,Phone: (856) 616-8460




Cipriani Remodeling Solutions is hosting another fabulous Spring Design Clinic. The clinic is called Find additional Space and Let it Sparkle. This clinic will focus on additions to existing homes.  This clinic will be held at the showroom located at 665 N. Broad Street, Woodbury, NJ 08096. The clinic is FREE and will take place, Thursday, May 7th, 2015 from 6:30-8pm and does require advance registration. Seating is limited and refreshments will be served. We will have a special guest from Lamp and Shade Works of Sewell, NJ.

For this clinic there will be the added bonus of photo submissions for your project. You may submit 4 photos of your room by May 5th at 5pm to have Cindy give some design tips for your project. To have your existing photos reviewed at the clinic, submit one photo of each full wall within the space. Photos must be submitted by 5pm 5-5-2015. Photos must be in jpeg format of at least 300 dpi. You can upload your images below. Cindy, the presenting designer, will answer a specific design related question about your space and offer a design solution and/or tip at the clinic. Limited availability. Submissions considered in the order they are received.


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The clinic will feature award winning remodeling designer Cindy Cipriani.  Cindy has won countless awards and has been featured in publications and was recently seen on the Dr. Oz show. You can read more about Cindy here.