You want the end result of a remodeling process to be an award winning project that turns your design dreams into a successful reality.

Here are 10 tips to make your project an award winner:


Decide on Your Style – Take some time to research magazines for photos of similar spaces that you love. Don’t overanalyze. Just clip them out and create a binder with digital or print images. You will soon see a pattern revealing if your style is eclectic, modern, old world, French Country, contemporary, Rustic, Cottage or Traditional. Knowing your style sets the tone for all your design selections.


Incorporating Color – The latest trends in colors are spa like for bathrooms, nature tones in kitchens and neutral palettes including grays, blues and greens. The use of your favorite colors can reveal your style. For example if you love bold, vivid and primary colors, you probably like modern or eclectic styles.  Many paint manufacturers have developed “historical collection” colors that look timeless in traditional or contemporary spaces.


Today’s Textures – Get your scenes involved by combining different textures in the space. For instance, a leathered kitchen island countertop feels soft and subtle next to smooth stainless steel appliances. Shag area rugs add depth when placed on a hand scraped hardwood floor. And don’t forget fabric in curtains, bedspreads, towels and decorative pieces.


Functionality It doesn’t matter how pretty a space is if it isn’t functional. Determine how you will use your new space. Make a list of needs and wants, who will be using the space, and what you want to change about the current area.


The Digital Connection-We all love our smart phones and tablet interfaces. Appliance brands have taken notice by integrating easy-to-use touch screens, memory and user customization. Whole home automation from an iPad can control everything from radiant floor heating systems to lighting systems. Search for the latest in technology and design convenient charging stations for all your gadgets.


Lighting Makes It Shine-Don’t forget the three types of lighting – general, accent, and task. It’s a good idea to understand basic lighting terms and principles. Learn how energy-efficient light bulbs compare to traditional incandescent. Lighting is often an oversight in design.


Everybody Has Stuff-So where are you going to store it? Every design needs to contain storage areas. Even in small spaces, storage can be found if you use your imagination. Make a list of what you have to store, and make sure there is a place for it.


Upkeep-Decide how much maintenance you want when making material selections. High gloss countertops and flooring will show more than matte finishes. Tile and wood floors require more upkeep than vinyl flooring. Exteriors can be designed to be maintenance free with composite materials.


Think Green-Can you use recycled or reclaimed materials? Save energy with high-performance windows, Energy Star Appliances and digital thermostats.


Deciding on Cost-