For families with children having a space the entire family can comfortably spend time in is essential.  Even as children grow and move out of the house it is nice to have a space for informal family gatherings and simply enjoying life.  A great room gives you that ability.  Unlike traditional rooms which can be isolated and smaller, a great room removes the walls and opens up spaces.  Rather than having a kitchen walled off from the rest of the house, and a dining rooms surrounded on all sides, a great room creates a natural flow that promotes family life.


One of the best benefits of a great room is the ability for members of the family to be engaged in different tasks while still being near each other, and within earshot.  For example mom can be cooking, while dad helps with homework, a sibling practices piano, and the baby plays on the floor.   This separate yet together philosophy makes a great room a truly great place to be.


The size of a great room also makes it fantastic for entertaining. You can easily host larger parties, family gatherings, and holidays with this open concept space.  People can hang out without bumping into each other or fighting for space on the couch.  With the dining room being in the same open area as the family room, you instantly have additional seating without feeling cramped.

If you want a great room in your home there are several ways we can approach the project:


Remove Walls.  Homes that have the space in the form of walled of separate rooms can have the walls taken down to create one larger, open space.  It is necessary to have a professional do this to ensure that retaining walls are not compromised, electrical or plumbing damaged.  In these cases you can often have beams or half walls replace the existing floor to ceiling walls.  While not completely open, half walls still enable you to spend time with the entire family, without being on top of each other.


Build an Addition.  We can build an addition onto your home.  In order to be effective this is generally done right off, or adjacent to, the kitchen.  A great room needs to have access and be visible from the kitchen in order to make sure the cook can be part of the action.  A benefit of building an addition is that the remaining house stays in place with minimal disruption.


Enclose the Garage.  For homes on small lots, enclosing the garage and converting it into a living space is often the best option.  Combine that with removing walls and we can create a great room concept for your family to enjoy.


Having a great room built can improve your family’s quality of life by giving you more time together.  A great room can be beautiful and comfortable, providing for hours of quality family time together.  Call us at Cipriani Remodeling Solutions to learn how we can build the great room you have always been looking for.