A walk in closet makes life a little easier and getting dressed much more fun.  The ability to have all of your clothes out on full display, with room for shoes, and bags makes it easier to get out the door in the morning.  As an added bonus, a large walk in closet means both halves of a couple can keep their clothes in the master bedroom.  For older homes without one, it can definitely be worthwhile to convert a space adjoining the master bedroom into a walk in closet.

Here is how you can have a dream walk in closet:


  • Built in Washer/Dryer.  Stop wasting time walking back and forth to the laundry room.  A built in, stackable, washer/dryer can be installed into your closet for easier way to do the laundry.  You won’t have to worry about your nice dress getting mixed in with a little league uniform.  This trick makes life just a little bit easier.
  • Center Island with Storage.  An island is not only for a kitchen.  By installing a center island you have a place to set folded clothes, hats, bags, jewelry and more.  By having built in storage the island can serve as a dresser for smaller items like socks and undergarments.
  • Cubbies.  Built in cubbies are an easy way to store purses, hats, shoes, and heavy sweaters.  Having storage built into your closet makes it easier to keep track of things while keeping your closet beautiful.  It is especially handy for heavier items like shoes which can tend to break plastic storage solutions.
  • Hanging Rods at Various Heights.  Using only one rod at the top of the closet is a waste of space.  Most people only need the bottom section free for hanging dresses and suits.  Otherwise a two rod system should be used.  You can easily hang shirts up top with pants on the bottom.  By maximizing the space your closet will feel more organized.
  • Built in Mirror.  No closet is complete without a full length mirror.  A built in mirror can have storage hidden behind it.  This is a convenient way to store jewelry, scarves, and other delicates.
  • Lighting.  A closet needs to be well lit.  Don’t accidentally mix navy socks with black slacks.  Have lighting installed so that you can see your clothes, regardless of the time of day.
  • Seating.  When building a walk in closet make it large enough to place a comfortable chair or lounge within it.  Your closet can easily become a comfortable spot to hang out and chat while getting ready for an evening out.


You can have the walk in closet of your dreams.  At Cipriani Remodeling Solutions, we are happy to meet with you, view your existing space, and offer solutions for turning an ordinary closet into a functional, organized, and comfortable room.

The bathroom is often the most neglected room in the house.  Since it is used for practical purposes many home owners don’t look for ways to make it beautiful or more enjoyable to spend time in.  The reality is that the bathroom gets so much use, not remodeling it can make you more uncomfortable on a daily basis.  Turning your bathroom into a gorgeous and highly functional space can make getting ready more enjoyable and easier.


Here are ways to have a gorgeous and highly functional bathroom:


  • Custom Showers.  You can have a custom tile shower installed that is designed to your specific needs.  A benefit of working with tile is the ability to create ledges for shaving, places to sit (or even lay down), towel nooks, and storage.
  • Music.  We can install a sound system into your bathroom or a shower radio that produces high quality sound to lift your mood and get you ready for the day.
  • Televisions.  Modern technology has made high tech bathrooms a thing of today.  You can have a television installed directly into your bathroom mirror or mounted on the wall for easy viewing from various locations.  You can watch the news while brushing your teeth.
  • Heated Flooring.  Having radiant heat installed in the bathroom floor can make getting ready on a cold winter day much more enjoyable.  Don’t worry about freezing while getting out of the shower.  Stay warm and comfortable.
  • Vanity Lighting.  Lighting can be installed underneath an architecturally interesting vanity.  Warm lighting can create a glow and beautifully accentuate wall colors.
  • Chandelier.  Bathroom lighting can be more than practical.  Hang a gorgeous chandelier from the ceiling to add a touch of glamour to your bathroom.
  • Built in Tub.  Your bathtub can be a custom, built in piece.  This allows you to select the materials you need to create your dream bathroom.  Use marble for elegance, natural stone for a spa like feel, or wood for a country style home.
  • Dressing Table with Seating.  Why stand for hours doing your hair and makeup when you could sit at a custom, built in dressing table with comfortable seating?  Get ready in style with this beautiful solution to an everyday chore.
  • Fireplace.  Having a fireplace installed in your bathroom will create a romantic environment that is both soothing and relaxing. Unwind after a busy day by slipping into a warm tub and watching the glow of the fire.


At Cipriani Remodeling Solutions we understand that your bathroom gets a lot of use.  Our experts can sit down with you to determine the best way to turn your bathroom into a gorgeous space that is highly functional and supports your daily needs.  Call us today to learn how we can make your dreams a reality.


Every guy wants a man cave.  Whether a perfectly appointed office, a place to watch the game with the guys, or a few minutes alone – a man cave can be your place to just unwind.  The best man caves are connected, or adjacent to, the main house without feeling like they are a part of the main house.  This prevents the overflow of toys, Christmas ornaments, and fruity candles.  For women, this is your chance to have your husband’s sports memorabilia off of the fireplace mantle.  Building a man cave can be fun and provide the space necessary for relaxation.


Here is how to have the best man cave ever:


  • Televisions.  No man cave is complete without a big screen to watch the game.  Why stop with one?  You can have multiple televisions installed and create a Vegas like atmosphere with multiple games going at once.  Keep every sports fan in the group happy.  You can also have televisions installed in various places to ensure easy viewing regardless of where in the room you are at.
  • Couches.  Buy comfortable seating so you can relax in style.  Installing theater seating with multiple levels makes hanging out with a larger group easier.  You won’t have to share a seat cushion with Cousin Fred or strain to see over someone’s head.
  • Show off Memorabilia.  You can display old trophies, autographed items, jerseys, posters and more in your man cave.  Make sure to have lighting installed that highlights these items.  For example frame a signed jersey and have a painting light installed at the top of it.  You can also have custom shelves installed to show off your treasures.
  • Game Tables.  Your man cave should be large enough to house a pool table and some classic arcade games.  When meeting with your contractor make sure to tell them of all the games you want to fit inside the room.  Measurements will need to be calculated to ensure each piece can comfortably fit with room to walk around and hang out.
  • Kitchenette and Bar.  A man cave should have a kitchenette with a refrigerator, sink, storage, microwave, and a bar counter.  For added fun install a keg system and bring in your favorite beers to serve on tap.  You can also have a refrigerated beverage drawer installed to keep large amounts of bottles cool at once.
  • Bathroom.  Avoid having your guest go through the main house by having a bathroom installed off of your man cave.  This can keep guests, and your wife, happy.
  • Garage Bay Doors.  If your man cave is on the ground level have garage bay doors installed in one of the walls.  This is a cool way to create an indoor/outdoor space with access to your basketball court, patio, grill, and pool.  It can also let the fresh air in and allow you and your friends to enjoy warm evenings while playing pool or watching the game.


At Cipriani Remodeling Solutions we can build a man cave that is way beyond your expectations.  This is a fun place that should capture the imagination.  Practicality is important but this is not the laundry room.  We can incorporate the things that make you happy like your hobbies and favorite past times.  Contact us today to learn how we can design and build a space you will love spending time in.