Food Fans Unite.  Remodel Your Kitchen, Toss The Old Appliances, and Cook Like The Masters.

If you are one of the millions of fans that enjoy tuning into Chopped or Iron Chef on a weekly basis you know the enjoyment of watching expert chefs turn unique, or sometimes ordinary, ingredients into culinary works of art.  Whether it is the skillful use of shaved truffles or incorporating bacon into everything, cooking shows will leave your mouth watering and your tastebuds waiting for you to create your own culinary delights.  Nothing is more disappointing for a Foodie than entering a hum drum, worn-out kitchen.  If you have an oven that burns everything, a stove that only cooks on high, a tiny sink, refridgerator built for two, or no prep area, then it is probably time for a kitchen remodel.

Remodeling your kitchen is a huge endeavor and not something I would recommend trying to do on your own.  Hiring a skilled contractor is essential to a quality remodel.  While it is easy for someone that loves DIY projects to repaint or get adventurous with the flooring, replacing cabinetry and tackling plumbing and electrical issues requires a licensed and trained expert.  The last thing you want to do is install up-to-date appliances without the electrical capacity to support them or to spring a leak from failing to install a new sink properly.  Rather than going through with it on your own, call an expert like Cipriani Remodeling Solutions in New Jersey.

Here is my “must have” list for any kitchen remodel.

  1. Center Island.  With multiple cooks buzzing around the kitchen, this provides an area for people to work together without competing for space.
  2. Prep Sink.  Inevitably while cooking a large feast you will be rinsing vegetables in a sink full of dirty dishes.  A prep sink solves this issue.
  3. Monster Fridge.  Any good cook knows you need fresh ingredients and a refrigerator large enough to hold a variety of meats, cheeses and vegetables.  This can often require a reconfiguration of the kitchen cabinets, but a skilled home remodeling contractor can address this easily and offer great ideas.
  4. Double Oven.  There is nothing more frustrating than needing to wait for one dish to finish before starting on the other simply because of different cooking temperatures.  Have a double oven installed and stop juggling your heat requirements.
  5. Warming Oven.  An absolute must for a feast served at the right temperature.
  6. Wine Fridge.  Yes, you have discovered my weakness for Chardonnay.  Knowing I am not alone, a wine fridge is the perfect companion to any Food Fan.
  7. Storage.  Clutter can cause delays in cooking simply because it is hard to find what you are looking for.  With ingredients needing to be chopped, meat waiting to be prepped, and garlic sautéing on the stove, you cannot be scrambling to find a measuring cup.  Work with a contractor to find storage solutions that work.  There are ready made and custom cabinet options galore, so solving your storage needs is within reach of most budgets.

Take your cooking skills to a whole new level by remodeling your kitchen to provide the working environment you so desperately need.  Your taste buds, and that of your family, will thank you for it.

~Bethany Wood

Home remodeling can keep you in the home you love without being cramped for space.

For a growing family finding the perfect home can be a challenge.  The home you fell in love with when you had one child may no longer work when you have three.  Bedrooms can be an issue but if that were the only problem buying bunk beds is an easy solution.  Growing families have increased needs for many things including: storage, eating space, bathrooms, kitchens large enough to prepare bigger meals, living space to accommodate toys and games, and sound proofing measures to provide mom and dad with levels of sanity.  With increased demands on your home it may seem impossible to stay put.

The challenge for many people with children is finding a suitable replacement in the same school district and within their budget.  Additoinally finding a new home takes time that many busy families simply do not have.  Home remodeling is an ideal solution.  Before you speak with a contractor sit down as a family and make a list of the things you need in a home.  Consider what will make it easier to live on a day to day basis.  It can be major things like eliminating the line for the shower or simple solutions like a storage system for coats and shoes.  Large or small every wish should make it on your list.  You will have time to narrow it down later if need be.

“One of the most important things about remodeling is making sure you come up with a great plan.”

-Jay Cipriani of Cipriani Remodeling Solutions in South Jersey

A good home remodeling contractor will work with you to come up with an action plan that meets the needs of your growing family while staying in a budget.  Often this can be accomplished with an remodeling additions and strategic changes within the home.  Finding a contractor with a design team can make the process easier.  Make sure your contractor has a portfolio of their work to get ideas and ensure they produce the quality you are looking for.  Depending on your wish list a remodel may not be cheap but compared to the cost of purchasing a larger home you will still come out ahead as long as you have a great plan.

~Bethany Wood