Choosing your new cooking appliances can be fun and overwhelming. In order to choose the right appliances, you will need to focus your search. Consider the questions you will find below in order to narrow your options. Feel free to print this questionnaire and take it with you when you begin shopping.

When Shopping for Cooking Appliances: here are some Questions to Ask Yourself…

1. Will I be keeping the same layout in my kitchen or do I plan on making changes to appliance location? If the layout will stay the same, what are the sizes of each of my appliances now? Will my new appliances need to be the same size?

2. Do I currently have gas or electricity connections for my cook top? Will I want to change from one to another? Will I be willing to pay the cost of changing the connections from one to another?

3. Am I looking for a certain style in my kitchen? Will I want a modern style with glass surfaces, a professional style with stainless steel, or a classic style with natural materials like wood or stone?

4. Do I need to accommodate a large amount of people to use the kitchen at the same time? Will I be cooking for large groups of people? Will I want a larger oven or cook top in order to accommodate large groups?

5. Do I need a cook top and stove for standard types of cooking or do I prefer a more professional grade appliance? Do I want special equipment like grill attachments, griddles and woks, steam cooking options, or induction cooking?

6. What type of ventilation system will work best for my cooking needs? Do I need to consider a larger updraft vent or even a downdraft system? Will a standard micro-hood work best for my cooking? Do I have the correct ductwork to include a proper ventilation system?

7. Are there extras that I may need to meet the amount of cooking I do? Would I need items like built in coffeemakers, warming drawers, or a second oven?

8. Do I need to conserve space in my small kitchen by making use of a small range, a cook top only, or a micro-hood?

9. Would I want to consider a wall oven to save from leaning over or bending down? As far as cook tops, would I prefer something like a glass surface or a continuous grate?

10. Am I interested in time saving options in my new appliances? Would I like to consider self-cleaning ovens, speed-heating ovens, pre-programmed cooking, or sealed burners?


Cooking Appliances PDF Download – Print and Enjoy!


Kids Rooms that Spark the Imagination.

Children have such vivid imaginations.  Ask any five year old to tell you a story and it wont be about where the neighbors daughter is going to college.  He will burst into a story filled with a knights valiantly defending a castle and its princess, or a superhero fighting off the bad guy trying to steal the hot air balloon from the basketball field that was supposed to whisk away the children to an adventure.  The stories will be widely diverse, full of color and imagination.  Put on any cartoon and you will see magical characters running about like pink ponnies and animals that can talk.  Our children are creative and it makes life so much more fun.

The question is why do we put creative, colorful children in basic rooms with white walls, no storage for toys, and a simple bed in the corner?  Most parents would love to give their children an exciting place to play and I don’t know any parents that would pass up more storage.  The challenge isn’t with desire it is knowing how to do it.  As an expert in home remodeling Cipriani Remodeling Solutions in South New Jersey can take your childs imagination, combine it with your need for storage, and create a space that is exciting and practicle.

Here are some tips to improve your childs room:

  1. Color.  Don’t be afraid to use it.  The rest of the house may be in neutrals but a child’s room should be as vibrant as they are.  Take them to the store with you and let them participate in choosing color samples.  Take them home, tape them to the wall and choose together.  It will be a fun bonding experience and make them feel part of the process.
  2. Bedding.  Changing the sheets, comforter and pillow set is an easy and affordable way to incorporate your child’s characters. There are plenty of sites like HuggyKids that provide more options than the local chain store.
  3. Built In Storage.  Make a list of everything that is in the room that needs to have a “home”.  This includes all clothing, books and toys.  For example if your daughter has a collection of Bratz dolls she may want a special area for the dolls and another spot just for the clothing and accessories.  If your son is building a Lego town to rival New York he will need an area to build, store pieces, and display his finished work.  This can best be accomplished with a variety of built in storage and elevated play space.  At  Cipriani Remodeling Solutions we can work with you to design a plan that meets all of your children’s needs while helping to keep their room organized and not looking like a tornado just ran through.  Storage solutions do not belong only in kitchens and bathrooms.  Kids need them most of all.
  4. Custom Bed.  There is nothing more fun for a kid than having a slide to go down instead of a ladder or a hidden play space built into the wall or loft.  Small, hidden spaces can easily be incorporated into your home and give your children hours of entertainment.
  5. Posters.  Kids change their favorite toys and heroes constantly.  We can install an area for them to hang rotating poster and art work that keeps the room looking fresh and clean.
  6. Flooring.  Replacing carpet with hardwoods helps to keep the room cleaner and you can rotate in different area rugs with designs the kids choose.  This is a great way to keep the room looking fresh and when the area rug has too many chocolate milk stains simply replace it with a new one.

At Cipriani Remodeling Solutions we can work with you to design a room that ignites the imagination of your children while helping you stay organized.  This way you are able to spend more time enjoying your children rather than cleaning up after them.

~Bethany Wood

Relax and rejuvenate in your spa like bathroom.

Everyone loves going to the spa. When you enter the spa with the soft soothing music playing, aroma therapy greeting you with lovely scents, the sound of a trickling waterfall, soothing colors and hot tea to sip – the stress of the day begins to melt away and relaxation takes over.  Life is so busy that these moments away become events to look forward to and help you feel centered again.

The challenge is finding the time on a regular basis to leave your hectic schedule and make a spa appointment.  Remodeling your bathroom to incorporate spa like elements can be a good and practical solution.  Taking cues from top of the line spas, at Cipriani Remodeling Solutions we are able to take a bathroom from boring to elegant and relaxing.



Here are some ways we can transform your bathroom:

  1. Tile Surround:  Spa showers typically are finished with detailed tiling that provides a custom look with a grounded, earthly feel.  We can replicate this in your bathroom with our skilled tile experts.
  2. Space:  By building a custom tile shower we can make it as large as you like.  For people that want room to move around or are tired of squeezing into a small space this simple change can make the bathroom more relaxing.
  3. Built In Features:  When creating your custom tile shower we can build in areas to hold luxurious shampoos and body washes along with fun features like a pedestals to rest your foot while shaving your legs.  Now you can keep your favorite aroma therapies at your fingertips.
  4. Rain Shower:  We can install special shower heads to recreate the shower experience at your favorite spa.  From rain shower heads to placing multiple ones throughout, we can customize your experience based on your preference and need.
  5. Soothing Colors:  Spa’s have soothing color pallets and often incorporate custom finishes.  We can customize your look with fun finishes like Tuscan or other various textures.
  6. Storage:  Part of the reason spa’s are so relaxing is because everything is hidden from view other than the essentials you are using in the moment.  This creates a relaxing, uncluttered environment.  By providing custom storage solutions your bathroom can become a blank canvas that is soothing rather than over cluttered.
  7. Lighting:  Using recessed lighting, wall sconces and other unique solutions can change the feel of the room.  By adding dimmers you can increase the lighting when it is time to do makeup or hair – the rest of the time soft lighting can provide a relaxing backdrop to your new bathroom spa experience.

These are just some of the many ways Cipriani Remodeling Solutions in South Jersey can complete your next bathroom remodel to make the space not only practical but relaxing and spa like.  For busy homeowners that cannot attend the spa every week this solution lets you attend the spa every day.

~Bethany Wood

Homework in the Kitchen

It’s that time of year again.  Children are back in school, riding the bus, attending classes, and bringing home mountains of paperwork for you to sort through and homework for themselves.  With the smell of sharpened pencils and crayola crayons in the air, your kitchen counter and dining table may start to resemble a cluttered classroom – and not in the good way.  Let’s face it, if you are like many families at the end of the school and work day you end up in the kitchen making dinner while your kids do school work, asking for your help with a math problem or sounding out a particularly hard word from time to time.  The evening gatherings are great family time, but it can also be cluttered, messy and crazy as you try to prepare dinner with their paperwork and pencils on the same island counter top as your spaghetti pot.

At Cipriani Remodeling Solutions  we get it.  Our team of experts have worked with New Jersey families for years to create design solutions that make it easier for families to work, live and play together.  One way to address the family evening rush of dinner and homework competing for kitchen space is to install a work area in the kitchen.  By meeting with homeowners and evaluating the current kitchen space, we are able to determine where best to place a desk with storage and shelving so that children and grownups have an area to complete assignments, fill out field trip forms, pay bills, and have an area to store the paperwork when you are done.  This way families can be in the same room together without bumping into each other.  Moms and Dads can help kids with math homework, while making dinner, and everyone has their set place.

Sometimes it is the simplest solutions that make the biggest impact.  Carefully installing work stations can be incorporated into a kitchen remodel or approached as a stand alone project.  Larger families may want several workstations built into the kitchen or adjacent to it.  Whatever your needs, at Cipriani we are your resource for home remodeling solutions and we make it our priority to exceed your expectations.

~Bethany Wood

Delight your friends and family with homemade breads, pizza, and naan directly from your very own brick oven.

If you and your family love the taste of fresh pizza hot out of a pizzeria brick oven, long for fresh flakey breads, or the feel of warm naan between your fingers than a brick oven is the perfect accompaniment to your kitchen remodel.  While brick ovens have not traditionally been found in American kitchens they are a simple and effective way to elevate the qualiy of bread dishes you make within your home.  When heated brick ovens will absorb the heat into its enterior walls making for a more even heat distribution. The result is that you won’t pull out a pizza to find doey crust in the middle while the outside is burned.  Most cooks have faced the frustration of waiting for a pizza to cook only to find it is half burned, half undercooked and no one is satisfied.  Solving this problem is easy with the right tools and a brick oven will do the trick perfectly.

In the past several decades international food has become increasingly popular.  While food like naan was traditionally only eaten within the Indian community now it is popular with a large variety of people.  Down-Home South Jersey blog recently featured a recipe for Naan Bread Pizza on its website as an ideal solution to busy back to school nights.  Naan can be an accomponyment to most meat and vegitable dishes as well as stand on its own as a delicious snack.  Making high quality fresh non in a conventional oven is extremely difficult.  Cooking it in a brick oven is easier and delightful.

For chefs looking for a change from the routine consider a kitchen remodel that includes installing a brick oven.  You run the risk of the neighborhood lining up for your pizzas but as long as you don’t mind the impromptu party give your contractor a call.  For those in the South Jersey area looking to try the naan recipe contact Cipriani Remodeling Solutions to learn how they can assist with all of your remodeling needs.

~Bethany Wood