The most common emotion that prohibits a homeowner from proceeding with their remodeling project is fear.  Not finances… fear.  And I get that.  I completely understand why they are afraid.

Last month I talked about the bad rep that remodelers have because of a few bad ones out there so I won’t rehash that again.  I want to talk about the fear of not knowing what do to first.

“How do I get started?”  That’s a great question and we hear it all the time.  And without sounding like a big commercial, I would say simply, “Call Cipriani Remodeling Solutions.”  And here’s why.

As soon as you pick up the phone to call, you’ll get a person, not an answering machine.  Kathy will answer your questions and work with you to set up two appointments – one at your home and one here in our office/showroom.  She’s not a high pressure salesperson (we don’t have them here) but someone who will listen to your questions and concerns and make you comfortable.

At the first appointment, your personal remodeling consultant will come to your home and listen to what you have in mind for your kitchen, bath or home addition project.  They will learn how you live in your home, what you need and what you want in your new space, and get an idea of your budget.  Then they will discuss a few design ideas and take measurements.

At the second appointment, you will visit our office/showroom and your remodeling consultant will review the design they have created (in some cases, this will include a 3D view,) show you some of the products used to generate the estimate, and review a detailed budget.  They will also give you some background on the 30 years that we’ve been in business and how our customer focus philosophy is the reason for our longevity.

Our goal is to take the fear out of remodeling.  And we’ve had lots of practice at it.