Beautiful. Comfortable. Personal.

Bathrooms require a lot of planning, and they also require an open-minded approach.  Bathrooms today have become something special to enjoy.  Whether it’s a master bath, half bath or one shared by the whole family, they must accommodate personal needs, be energy efficient and provide a comfortable experience.

Bathroom Remodeling Increases Home Value

The bathroom is a sanctuary in your home – a space for privacy, primping, and even relaxation. Remodeling this space, be it a master bath, hallway bathroom, or powder room, increases your home’s value and is also an investment in your comfort.

Make it Your Own!

Your new bathroom should function the way you use it and give you that little “wow!” intake of breath every time you step through the door.

A spacious and luxurious shower, soaking tub, custom-designed tile work, a beautiful sink and vanity, distinctive fixtures, new cabinetry, plentiful storage, layered lighting, and heated floors are all possible components in your new bathroom.

Visit our extensive bathroom portfolio for photos taken from actual projects. For additional ideas, come to our Showroom in Woodbury, NJ. where if you’d like, one of our designers can walk you through the bathroom showcase and answer questions.

Knowing How You Will Use the Space Helps Designers Improve Functionality

We will listen. Your designer will need to know how you want to use your new bathroom before schematics and renderings are drawn because this essential insight drives the design.BathM14RKPas4012-90

  • Who will use it? Is it a master bath for you alone, you and your mate, or should it accommodate the whole family? Is it a space for guests or children? Will someone with limited mobility use it now or in the future?
  • Is individual space needed? Do you require one sink or two? Should dual sinks be completely separate or side-by-side? Are two medicine cabinets better than one?
  • What amount of counter space is ideal? If you require additional counter space, will the current bathroom footprint allow it or do you need to find additional space?
  • Shower, bath, or both? Do you want an enlarged shower with spa-like options? Will you sacrifice your tub for a larger shower or can your space fit both a shower and tub? Would a tub/shower combo make the most sense or will a tub inhibit mobility?
  • How much storage will you use? Do you have a nearby linen closet or do you rely on your bathroom for storing towels, toiletries, medication, make-up, and cleaning supplies?
  • What lighting is ideal? Applying cosmetics and shaving require bright light while relaxing in a soaking tub calls for soft lighting. A layered lighting plan should address your different needs.
  • Aging in place? There are several universal design considerations to make for someone with limited mobility including safety bars, walk-in showers, wall-mounted sinks, wider doorways with paddle handles, and open floor space.

Where Do You Start?

Will your new bathroom exceed your expectations as a beautiful and functional space? It had better! Choosing the right company to remodel a room in your home is a decision you must make carefully and thoughtfully. Unlike buying a car, you cannot test drive a set of blueprints and renderings. Experience, credentials, and references are your best resources for finding a company you can trust.

BathM15MSSaa5o20That’s why we offer a variety of options for you to gather ideas:

Have a conversation with one of our Designers by simply calling 856-853-8398.

Come to our showroom. You will find a number of bathroom materials that will help you begin to identify your style and taste. You will also have an opportunity to meet with experienced designers who will ask questions to help hone-in on what’s best for you and your family.

Browse our portfolio for additional inspiration and schedule a consultation with one of our designers.

Factors to help you prepare for your bathroom remodeling project:

1. Let your personality dictate the design and function.  Lightning, fixtures, music and other elements can make your bathroom a hot spot in your home.

2. Start with your ideas, but keep an open mind for the contribution of others.

3. Water is a powerful element.  When remodeling a bathroom, every aspect requires strict attention.

4. While you’re working through the design process, be sure to ask about how to best maintain your new bathroom over time.

5. We can help you choose from hundreds of fixtures, accessories and decorative items for bathrooms.